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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 13 - Goodbye BUMBO BAGGINS

#BUMBO BAGGINS #storage systems #Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft #Mumbo Jumbo Hermitcraft #Gaming
The hobbit era of Hermitcraft Season 7 has come to an end... Bumbo Baggins is no more, and regular Mumbo Jumbo has returned. What is the reason? We have moved out of the minecraft hobbit hole and we have built up a new base area with storage systems, storage silos and super smelters..
Filming channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumboJumbo2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialmumbo/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 13 -... Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 13 -... Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 13 -... Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 Hermitcraft 7: Episode 13 -...

Get a pig named "Gooder" and ride him to the new Hermitcraft Challenges Area

by Nichy de Noob 6 months ago

mumbo: sees a wandering trader

mumbo 18 seconds later: has a wandering trader face on

by AllTheSauce 6 months ago

Mumbo:*says he is no longer a hobbit after leaving his hobbit hole*
Also Mumbo:*proceeds to live in another hole*

by Beautiful Blobfish 6 months ago

"You're moving out?"
Grian sounds so heartbroken😢

by Probably Insane 6 months ago

Mumbo: "I've kind of got a super smelter, but it's not that fast"
Me: * crafts three furnaces * "I am speed."

by Philippa Richardson 6 months ago

Mumbo: “I need to make a base between bases” This Video has been copyrighted by iskall

by Agent Octo 6 months ago

Mombo during steam : Stop saying shovel I know when to stop using my tools

Mombo when not streaming : So i broke my pick.....

by IDontGottaName 6 months ago

Mumbo: “For the first time in hermitcraft history, i’m actually having to manually gather resources, as opposed to buying them at a store”

Also Mumbo: *Does a 3 hour sand gathering live stream”

by Barrett Gilbreath 6 months ago

when grian said "you're moving out?" My heart melted ❤️

by Tomboy _ Trials 6 months ago

Mumbo: "Who's done this?" "My eyes aren't that big..."
My Brain: Heh, creeper Mumbo.

by tmbottegal 6 months ago

Mumbo: “ Oh look! A wandering trader is on my beacon!”

Next shot: Mumbo wearing wandering traders head

by RYAN CHAMBERLAIN 6 months ago

Imagine if Mumbo jumbo just put 9 “improve the hermit challenges area” instead of changing the rules

by Triggered Happy 6 months ago

Mumbo: looks around at tree base “ This looks great”
Me: WoOdY wOoD PeCkEr

by Bey Kids 6 months ago

I can’t be the only one who finds Grian’s skin adorable.

by Niki Das 2 months ago

This whole season will just be

“So guys, I did some stuff off camera”

by Trickyy 6 months ago

Mumbo: “I need a base between bases”
Iskall : “Ah I see you’re a man of culture as well”

by Jk 6 months ago

"It's just a jumble"
I kid you not the first thing I thought of was Mumble Jumble😂🤦

by ShrimpyRollGacha 6 months ago

"One day I will be less useless"
Write that down, write that down!

by Ducky 237 6 months ago

Mumbo: renames his pickax “invulnerable to lava”
Also Mumbo: breaks said pickax lol

by t b 6 months ago

Mumbo: this red stone is really simple
Also Mumbo: explains it
Me: still confused

by ItzBeJo 6 months ago

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