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50 Things YOU can Make in Minecraft

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Ever struggled to think of something to build in Minecraft? This is the video for you. 50 different things, projects and builds for you to work on. Lots of inspiration here! I hope you enjoy..
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Mumbo Jumbo photo 1 50 Things YOU can Make... Mumbo Jumbo photo 2 50 Things YOU can Make... Mumbo Jumbo photo 3 50 Things YOU can Make... Mumbo Jumbo photo 4 50 Things YOU can Make...

Please make clock tower that shoots arrows at a bell to ring it according to the time kind of like big ben

by Hamish Lawson 1 year ago

"i don't have 2 boats i'm not that rich"

the 9 hoppers in the water:
ok i guess i'm cheap now

by Th3mastrHuman 4 months ago

"i'm not that rich i don't have two boats"
looks at boat in background
looks at boat in inventory
narrows eyes
"You filthy liar."

by Quisquiliarum 2 months ago

mumbo: this has 64 combinations. so your chests are decently protected.
me: breaks glass

by Okie Cat Gamer 3 months ago

Mumbo: makes simple double piston extender
Bedrock players: what is this sorcery

by House of Beans 1 year ago

Storage Silos
Togglable Fire Places
Deadly Diver
Boat Dock
Bouncy Base
Disco Dancefloor
Map Room
Stack Shooters
Rubbish Bin
Fancy Infinite Water
Street Lamps
Mini Super Smelter
Glowing Trees
Trophy Room
Diary Room
Miniature Golf Course
Tnt Bomb Zone
Enchanting Room
Suicide Booth
Handsfree Minecraft
The Shower
Hot tub
Rock Paper Sisscors
Hidden Chests
Bench Swappers
Target Practice
Horse Swapper
4 in a row
Repair and disenchant
Diamond Vault
Hedge Maze
Crawling Space
Elytra Flight Course
Wishing Well
Potion Brewing Room
Basketball Hoop
Chest Display Unit
Riptide Launcher
Art Room
Ender Station
Water Blade
Vending Machine
Spleef Arena
Market Place
Pretty But Loud Fountain
The Final Design (imo the best)

by Corodes 3 months ago

“Anvils are so easy to construct”

Cries in 18 iron

by Profreshinal 4 months ago

Mumbo: (Puts lamps in trees) “Its beautiful!”
Scar: *P u t s d i a m o n d s i n t r e e s*

Mumbo: ...

by Tejas Andhale 2 months ago

Mumbo: We also have extra toilet paper
Me having memories of 2020

by I love Animals 3 months ago

When you wanna build one of these but you don't know how to

by Batsu 1 year ago

“I don’t have two boats, I’m not that rich.”
He says while having a second boat in his inventory

by Nathan Plays 2 months ago

Mumbo: ”I don't have two boats, I'm not that rich”
Also Mumbo: literally has a second boat in his hotbar

by DrFeelGood 121 3 months ago

y'know a redstone contraption is EASY when there's NO redstone contraption

by Sandra pinto 3 months ago

Mumbo: I don't have two boat's I'm not rich

Also mumbo: gets a stack of golden carrots

by fazzdazz gaming 1 month ago

4th dimensional alien technology:
Mumbo: eh 3/10 difficulty

Edit: its ya boi gaycreeper45 here

by Powerdrake 1 year ago


by StormTheWolf 3 months ago

I don’t have that many friends

Hermitcraft:Am I a joke to you

by CubeGaming 4210 4 months ago

“Finaly found my first 5 diamonds! Let me keep it in this chest!” Sees diamonds disappear and lava noises, “what have I built...”

by Gustavo Pires Ribeiro 4 months ago

“Armor equipping station.”
Mpe players: Say what!?!?!?

by Lucas Zhang 2 months ago

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