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40 Things you Should Never do in Minecraft

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“Why would you ever equip yourself with gold.”
Nether update:

by Greenish 7 months ago

Mumbo: Who will break just one piece of wood from a tree?


by Random Person 2 months ago

“Gold armour and tools aren’t good”
Piglins: allow me to introduce myself

by LilLuma 2 months ago

Mumbo: don't build houses out of valuable blocks


by Maddox Ferris 3 months ago

"If you have a bad computer, use optifine"
*Cries on Bedrock edition*

by GoldPlays 2 months ago

Mumbo jumbo: I dunno why people wear gold armor

Piglins: Put it on or D I E

Brutes: I don't care just die

by GabDoesStuff649 7 months ago

Mumbo : cat is the best.
Chirp: hold my... where is my beer!?

Pigstep: I drank it .

by An Average Gamer 1 month ago

"having a storage system like this hurts my soul"
uses Grian's s6 base
Chester: "dude that hurts"

by Kat D 1 month ago

Mumbo then: Cat is the best record

Mumbo now: C H I R P

by Sahil Vedpathak 1 month ago

We just time traveled.

But to what year?

Let me ask that guy over there.
What is the best music disc in Minecraft?


Okay we are before 1.16

by TG Alfste06 2 months ago

"Who actually puts Frostwalker on their boots?"

Pewdiepie: 😐

by Catho 6 months ago

“Who are the people who take one block out of a tree then leaves it”

Grian: allow me to introduce myself

by Milla Sparenberg 2 months ago

2019: cat is the best song in mine craft.

2020: Pigstep has entered the chat.

by Lightning Mallek 2 months ago

Old School Flexers' House: Diamond Block House
Next-Gen Flexers' House:Netherite Block House

by イハリムSekuzeke 2 months ago

My friend Nathan eats zombie flesh whenever he’s low on food in Minecraft

by Dragon Gamer 2 months ago

“Cat is the best record in Minecraft”
pigstep allow me to introduce myself

by Warrior15 2 months ago

Mumbo: "never wear gold"

The nether update: :|

by O S 2 months ago

"who are the people who get one block from a tree, and leave it?"

dream when george, bad, and sapnap is chasing him: .... jesus i'm sorry alright!


by ChanR15 2 months ago

Alternate title: Mumbo Jumbo's biggest pet peeves in Minecraft

by Awande Sithole 1 month ago

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