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Susan Rice: Trump Administration 'Has Been Racist To Its Core' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. under Barack Obama, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Trump administration's ability to address issues of race and police brutality in America, and respond to some of the revelations from John Bolton's book concerning the way the President Trump conducts foreign policy. Aired on 06/19/2020.
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Susan Rice: Trump Administration 'Has Been Racist To Its Core' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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I hope Biden selects rice as his vp. Experienced, strategic, patient, strong, and a perfect balance for biden.

by Z 3 weeks ago

The democrats own the education system, the media, Hollywood, Big Tech and administrative government. If there is systematic racism or oppression, it’s at the feet of democrats. Lifelong democrat politicians who never did anything to improve the lives of their constituents, only to pander with the race card every time election season rolls around should be a wake up call for all to see the true hypocrisy that exists within the democrat party.

by PorkyPricklyPants 3 weeks ago

investigate how liberal democrats who have been running the black communities for over 50 yrs and some for 100 yrs got so rich as blacks became poor and stay poor..where did the money go?

by PorkyPricklyPants 3 weeks ago

Susan Rice and Kamala Harris are the last two remaining serious VP candidates.

by Jeremiah Pattillo 3 weeks ago

Collaborating with the enemy.That used to be treason.

by linetsers 3 weeks ago

It's a relief to hear leaders using specific and accurate language. I am SO tired of innuendo and soft descriptors which minimize reality.

by Shucks 3 weeks ago

Would LOVE to see her debating Pence. Biden-Rice 2020!!! And I'm a Republican

by chefpetey 3 weeks ago

This clown loves saying Obama name he can’t stop mentioning it...his obsession is getting scary.

by Zee zee 6 3 weeks ago

It has become so ludicrous...so insane...that you cant help but laugh & cry.
Trump is just a hot mess. A corrupt disaster of a human being.
Vote Blue for decency & transparency people.
Our democracy depends on it!

by Lauri Rohr 3 weeks ago

Susan Rice For president, Joe Biden for Vice president. She is a national gem..

by Pat Brennan 3 weeks ago

BONE SPUR blames his soiled Diper on Oboma.What a cry baby.

by David Tucker 3 weeks ago

Why is THEIR justice system so systematically racist? Given Dems' promises & decades of total control, shouldn’t it be LEAST racist system in US?.....Chicago has been controlled by Democratic mayors for 89 years. Detroit for 58 years. Atlanta for 143 years. South Bend Indiana for 47 years. Gary, Indiana for 77 years. Baltimore for 53 years. Newark, NJ 68 years. Las Vegas 46 years. Cleveland 31 years. Kansas City 30 years. New Orleans 148 years. Memphis 145 years. ST Louis for 71 years. Washington, D.C., for 53 years. Rhode Island for 36 years. Minneapolis, with George Floyd’s killing the spark of the latest demand for change, has been controlled by Democrats for 42 years. Los Angeles for 19 years. And New York, in the latest round of disastrous governance, has suffered under Bill de Blasio for six years. Virgina Appointed mayors (1782–1853) 0 Republicans. Popularly-elected mayors (1853-1948) 1 Republican mayor 1868. City Council appointed mayors (1948-2005) 1 Republican 1988. Popularly-elected mayors (2005- 0 Republicans...THE LESSON? It's easier to come back from from a nuclear strike than decades and decades and decades of Democrat control

by PorkyPricklyPants 3 weeks ago

What I want to know is: what exactly does it take to be called a traitor to the USA?

by Ela B 3 weeks ago

Was Trump's Pappy arrested at a Klan rally😉

by Darrell Smith 3 weeks ago

And yet, neither he nor his base will change.

by Mike Gould 3 weeks ago

Ithink Susan Rice would make a amazing president or VP. She is so trust worthy and is not afraid to speak her mind!!!

by mary ann chapman 3 weeks ago

i gotta vent.....how can anybody believe the potus? lies, lies, lies...what is us thinking of....lies,to make one look.....omg!

by Victoria Vierra-Wong 3 weeks ago

I hope She runs for president next, very qualified, firm strong woman, it's what the country needs, not afraid to go to war and she's beautiful, I appreciate

by R 3 weeks ago

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