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Joe On SCOTUS: What's True For GOP Is True For Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The Senate on Monday confirmed Amy Coney Barrett, the president's pick to replace Justice Ginsburg, to the Supreme Court. The Morning Joe panel discusses the long-term consequences of filling this seat. Aired on 10/27/2020.
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Joe On SCOTUS: What's True For GOP Is True For Democrats | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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MSNBC photo 1 Joe On SCOTUS: What's True... MSNBC photo 2 Joe On SCOTUS: What's True... MSNBC photo 3 Joe On SCOTUS: What's True... MSNBC photo 4 Joe On SCOTUS: What's True...

"What goes around, comes around."

by TF Sheahan 4 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell's right. Elections do have consequences. Everybody remember that. Especially Mitch McConnell.

by Timothy Brandriff 4 weeks ago

Dems must use their Constitutional right and expand the supreme court, give DC the statehood, enact term limits for SCOTUS, ...

by Charles W R 4 weeks ago

Huh, watching him, I think McConnell is not merely evil or vile, he's also senile.

by Steps Curriculum 4 weeks ago

I can’t wait for Moscow Mitch to feel the conservative of his lies and cheating

by Penny 4 weeks ago

Trump turns GOP to a MAFIA group, the Supreme Court now is a YES organisation for Trump!

by dream2020 4 weeks ago

Yes Democrats let's expand the supreme court's.

by Norma Hurley 4 weeks ago

When McTurtle speaks he’s speaking straight to the republican donors it’s very easy to see. Remember him saying his top priority was making Obama a one term president? Bingo.

by foosgoalie 4 weeks ago

I remember being surprised Lyndsey Graham didn't get an Oscar nomination for his acting performance at the Kavanaugh hearing

by Rocky Koast 4 weeks ago

This grim reaper is so vile. He lies, knows the hypocrisy & is so practiced at slime that he can speak these words without turning bright red in his face.

by Diane Owen 4 weeks ago

It's both party's constitutional right, HOWEVER Democrats needs to stay on message surrounding the outlier "precedent" Mitch McConnell set.

by edward8489 4 weeks ago

They need to expand the SCOTUS to 29, then split them into randomly chosen groups of 9 by case. This how some lower appeals courts work.

by Pam J 4 weeks ago

“The Judiciary Reform Act” of 2021. Yes.
To be following closely by the “Executive Powers Reform Act”

by Brian Fergus 4 weeks ago

Oh, I can’t wait to tell the trumpists that elections have consequences.

by William Crowley 4 weeks ago

McConnell is right now sitting on a COVID relief package. Because he can. Get rid of him. Because we can.

by John Hyland 4 weeks ago

FAIR elections have consequences. We'll see if we actually get one of those next week!

by Bryan Machin 4 weeks ago

Maybe, just maybe Dems have grown a pair. We will see.

by Gheric Boyce 4 weeks ago

it’s not what’s written in the constitution that matters with this administration, it’s what’s not written

by Sammy R. 4 weeks ago

I was down last evening with the Barrett confirmation; just quiet and sad. Then, I watched this segment on Morning Joe today and it gave me a glimmer of HOPE. I have been sharing this video in different fb groups as a way to uplift others who are as discouraged as I was last night.

by Vickie Lynn 4 weeks ago

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