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How Mitch McConnell Broke The Process For Naming A New Supreme Court Justice | MSNBC

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Rachel Maddow tells the history of how Mitch McConnell decided not to allow President Barack Obama to fulfill his constitutional duty to name a Supreme Court justice to the seat vacated by Antonin Scalia, setting up a caustic showdown over replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.» Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc
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How Mitch McConnell Broke The Process For Naming A New Supreme Court Justice | MSNBC

#Republicans #RBG #Supreme Court #SCOTUS #Best of last night #McConnell #Justice

MSNBC photo 1 How Mitch McConnell Broke The... MSNBC photo 2 How Mitch McConnell Broke The... MSNBC photo 3 How Mitch McConnell Broke The... MSNBC photo 4 How Mitch McConnell Broke The...


by Kathy Bittner 3 weeks ago

Typical, "Do as we say, not as we do..." how can anybody still be supporting this level of hypocrisy?

by Chris Huss 3 weeks ago

Moscow Mitch needs to be removed. He would eat his own young, he's that evil.

by Rachel Oberholzer 3 weeks ago

McConnell, Graham, Rubio, and Cruz ALL said that “no outgoing President should appoint a Supreme Court judge” in 2016. Lindsay Graham even said “Use my words against me.” ABSOLUTE HYPOCRISY!!

by The BizzMoneyB 3 weeks ago

mcconnell is one of the major people in the repub party keeping parties from working together for the American people for many years.
Going back to Obama, mcconnell opposed just about everything Obama attempted to do for the American people, Obamacare for one. mcconnell isn't interested in what the American people need.
Ditch mitch and help bring America back to the American people!
Vote Smart!

by Anna R 3 weeks ago

Yet they say now we can't have a vacancy, surprising nobody of their idiocy and hypocrisy

by Vee p 3 weeks ago

People being surprised by a politicians' hypocrisy is what suprises me.

by Kevin J 3 weeks ago

Ted Cruz in 2016 said “Not in 80 years has a President appointed a Supreme Court Justice in the last year of their term, and it’s not happening now.” But NOW, it’s ok?!

by The BizzMoneyB 3 weeks ago

The World is witnessing corruption of the highest order in a country that should stand to lead the world. Nations are realising that really the might and power of America is not in it's people but in its military and corrupt politicians. So sad. November 3rd 2020 will be a date never to be forgotten in American history. For the sake of the rest of the world , please vote out this fascist dictator Putin puppet.

by balvenie55 3 weeks ago

There has never been more filthy rats in the swamp

by Hugh Jass 3 weeks ago

Never let it be said that Moscow Mitch and many of the other GOP Senators have an ounce of integrity.

by Kevin Williamson 3 weeks ago

Mitch McConnell has always been a hater of blacks, his main objective has been to wipe out anything to do with Obama

by leila rezazad 3 weeks ago

No one man especially McConnell should have any power, he doesn’t represent his constituents, if he did his state wouldn’t be poor, hungry and destroyed.

by KimC 3 weeks ago

Moscow mitch McTraitor has been russian for a good while.

by D11Dozer 3 weeks ago

Well it's real simple. Trump will be re-elected in November and he will nominate his appointee then. So what does it matter?

Oh and Mitch McConnell warned Senate Democrats in 2013 about the consequences of ending the filibuster. They did it anyway and here we are today.

by smile 3 weeks ago

solution: 4 democrat juges 4 republican juges and one of a différent party

by Julio Corpeno 3 weeks ago

“Change the things we can”, 🗳Biden/Harris 2020🇺🇸🥾trump

by Barbara Nieland 3 weeks ago

McConnell lied 4 years ago now hes lying again. Why do people support liers and cheaters

by Mark Cothran 3 weeks ago

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