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Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party Needs To Fracture' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

#White House #Senate #democrats impeachment #Joe Biden #News & Politics
Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman joins to discuss the second impeachment of Donald Trump and his impact on the modern Republican Party. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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#ThomasFriedman #Impeachment #MSNBC
Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party Needs To Fracture' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

#Republican Party #impeachment #Progressive News #impeach donald trump #Capitol Hill #Brian Williams #MSNBC Live #MSNBC News #impeach #Congress #Brian Williams msnbc #Pulitzer Prize winning #National Security #Liberal News #The 11th Hour #Current Events #MSNBC #Republicans #The 11th Hour with Brian Williams #11th hour #trump #Democrats #Thomas Friedman #news #US News #11th hour msnbc #Best of last night #trump impeachment

MSNBC photo 1 Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party... MSNBC photo 2 Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party... MSNBC photo 3 Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party... MSNBC photo 4 Friedman: 'This Rotten Republican Party...

That means the whole house is rotten inside already...

by TheKoeko 1 week ago

We have 9 partys in the Swedish "Congress" (Riksdagen). Cant understand that you only have two in the US. Democrats should split up aswell.

by Johan Eriksson 1 week ago

Lisa Murkowski?? That last minute "I secretly didn't support the agenda" statement after voting lockstep with McConnell?

by HunterShows 1 week ago

Friedman: I can’t think of something more important right now...

Covid: am I a joke to you?

by Jay Carpio 1 week ago

All we need is an independent party for the government.

by I'm Negan 1 week ago

He still has his phone, it's just that no one is answering.
He hasn't realised yet.

by Lar Lar 1 week ago

I hope the Democrats are paying attention also.

The country needs leaders, not politicians.

by Logan Daniels 1 week ago

"You can believe differently than my political ideology. But like only as different as I tell you."

by Jonathan Rivera 1 week ago

That’s like giving your enemies their weapons back and hope they get their issues straightened out.

by Diabetic Honeybee 1 week ago

Stop telling us the high hopes on low faith

by jus joni 1 week ago

I like how Twitter is a we to these ppl as if they control it. Oh wait, they do lol

by NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS 1 week ago

I’ve considered myself a democrat but find myself more closely aligned with the Lincoln Project than I am with the more far left elements of the democrats.

by Chudley Flusher 1 week ago

Never forget if you want law and order the price is law and order and if you do not pay it you will never have law and order

by cowboyup11 sto 1 week ago

Really, keep it out of power. This whole system is garbage

by Donald Buckner 1 week ago

He’s right. Everyone loves. 3 sum.. 😂😂 💃

by Gordey Mixer 1 week ago

The tittle of this video is so right also him.😂

by Hiba Jiba 1 week ago

It's time to get a piece of the American pie everybody...

by Thanos Killer 1 week ago

Well, I guess bringing in a guy with a warped mind to talk about people being fractured makes sense, in a kind of broken kind of way.

by jklmn101 1 week ago

first explain what happened in Helsinki , the trump/putin arrangement


by john cooper 1 week ago

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