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Top 20 Hardest Female Musical Roles

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You have to be a real badass to master the hardest female musical roles. For this list, we’ll be looking at the leading female roles in musical theatre that are difficult to perform, whether it’s because of vocals, dancing, acting, or other factors. Our countdown includes “Hamilton,” “Dreamgirls,” “Evita,” and more! MsMojo ranks the hardest female musical roles. Which role do you think is the hardest to master? Let us know in the comments!
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by MsMojo 7 months ago

"The Schuyler sisters are a wonderful trio." Let's me fair, they're a wonderful duo. And Peggy.

by Grainne Mhaol 7 months ago

Roles of Veronica, Kim and Elle has ruined the actor's voices at some point

by Brickz Brix 7 months ago

this was definitely written by someone who isn’t trained in musical theatre lol

by Skylar Broussard 7 months ago

Elphaba is hard, but there’s no way in hell shes harder than Kim and Christine

by big mcthankies 7 months ago

wait a minute why is veronica so low, this role literally destroyed barrett’s voice for a hot minute

by Anna 7 months ago


Hairspray: “You have to be a little overweight”

Actress: “Done”

Hairspray: “but you have to be healthy, active, and lively enough to pull off fifteen dance numbers, costume changes, belts, and characters arcs in a three hour span”

Actress: “huh”

by Liz Lemon 7 months ago

So your telling me that Miss Saigon is not even in top 5? It’s a two hour long musical, singing pretty much every song, soprano songs, belts, usually played from a 17-21 year old, and it TELLS AN EMOTIONAL STORY. HOW IS GRIZABELLA INFRONT OF KIM? They clearly don’t know anything about musical theatre 😂

by Nicola Turner 6 months ago

Christine should be higher for sure, that is such a demanding role. That high note being only one of the many vocal challenges.

by Kaylei Mershon 7 months ago

This lady: Angelica has to hit high notes

The note they play: isn't high

by VeeBee 7 months ago

as someone who sang "i'd give my life for you" from miss saigon multiple times in the past year, that song alone is one of the most vocally demanding songs in the musical theatre repertoire. it takes a special kind of talent to perfectly convey the hurt in kim's voice, actions, and facial expressions. (and i am FAR OFF from that special kind of talent -- this is not a flex.) it is an emotionally draining song, and an emotionally draining role. you have to be able to tell the tale of a naive teenager in poverty to a mother who would truly give her life for child in a very short time, and, on top of that, belt!

tl;dr kim deserves more recognition thank you

by Maddie Sebastian 7 months ago

Lmao why is Kim so low when Miss Saigon is technically an opera. They sing every single line. The low notes are really low and the high notes are really high. Not to mention she had a part where she had to perform in her underwear.

by Sunday Park 7 months ago

Why Lea Salonga's On my own from Les Misérables didn't even got to honorable mention ?
bruh she played it like no one will ever do the same as hers.

by Maria Doña 6 months ago

I watched the video so you don’t have to :)
20. Angelica Schuyler
19. Veronica Sawyer
18. Tracy Turnblad
17. Glinda
16. Mrs Loveatt
15. Velma Kelly
14. Norma Desmond
13. Kim
12. Grizabella
11. Christine
10. Caroline Thibodeax
9. Effie Melody White
8. Elle Woods
7. Fanny Brice
6. Reno Sweeny
5. Elphaba
4. Diana Goodman
3. Celie
2. Eva Perón
Honourable Mentions: Ti Moune, Maria, Trina, Jenna Hunterson
1. Mama Rose

by Musical theatre fan 7 months ago

Kim of Miss Saigon should be on a higher list. The crazy notes that comes with it plus the roller coaster rides of portraying her character. You have to be a great singer with high notes and an oustanding actress.

by labellavita 7 months ago

"Angelica Schuyler"
laughs in being able to sing and rap all parts

by Joanna 7 months ago

Christine, Veronica and Kim deserve to be so much higher on this list. Also, grisabella? She has one song?? Why is so high on the list?

by Liam Robertson 7 months ago

Why is Kim and Christine so low like they have alts because there so hard to do like wheres Elsa? Fantine or Regina George?

by Anthony Digrezia 7 months ago

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