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I Trolled Shadical As Iron Man.. (Fortnite Season 4)

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I Trolled Shadical As Iron Man.. (Fortnite Season 4)
Today in fortnite season 4, I trolled shadical with the new fortnite iron man skin, he thought I was the real actor who plays tony stark or known as iron man and lets just say by the end of the video he was not to happy with him!
Shadical: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shadic375

MrTop5 photo 1 I Trolled Shadical As Iron... MrTop5 photo 2 I Trolled Shadical As Iron... MrTop5 photo 3 I Trolled Shadical As Iron... MrTop5 photo 4 I Trolled Shadical As Iron...

Imagine this comment getting hearted

by Kellieryan 2 months ago

"As Tony stark, the actor of iron man"

by itsmeeaustin 1 month ago

I know this man did not just say Tony stark the actor🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Edit: holy hell how'd i get so many likes. Thank you

by JAKETHEBEST 2 months ago

And imagine that was Robert Downey Jr. I’m pretty sure he would’ve left if shadical was actually talking to him like that

by Rican HarleyQuinn 1 month ago

Imagine thinking iron man's actor is tony stark

by Boyan Raynov 1 month ago

Of COURSE Shadical has Iron Man, he’s wearing his shield and he’s on tier 112

by Shaunboym Is cool 2 months ago

If anyone is struggling just Remember God has a plan for everybody. And he’ll help you come through❤️❤️

by Rezzi 2 months ago

Mrtop5:I dont think he has this skin yet
Shadical:level 113

by Its Raihan 2 months ago

Prediction: I pranked him with the new mystique emote

by LEON TIME 2 months ago

Imagine he replies to this.

by Fixzy 2 months ago

Imagin Robert Downey Jr was watching shadical turn into a fan girl

by CV gameplayer 1 month ago

"i think he dosent have this skin its brand new" bruh he has it he is tier 112

by FF_ DarkWriter 2 months ago

Do you really think "Tony stark" is going to playing with a grown man who belives voice recordings

by Laura Hammond 2 months ago

Tony watching this video: uhhh ok what the heck dude what the

by Pizza Game TV 1 2 months ago

Me: sees this video

Also me: shadicals back heck yea!!

by Gravediggerdan 1 month ago

Tony stark, the iron man actor. Oh I mean Robert jr.

by Steph The GOAT 1 month ago

Mr top 5 doesn’t think that shadical has the iron man skin, well he’s level 113, think about that

by Veer Mehta 2 months ago

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