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I Trolled Him With NEW Mythic Mushroom - Fortnite

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I Trolled Him With NEW Mythic Mushroom - Fortnite
Today in fortnite season 3, I trolled my friend Lox with the new fortnite mythic golden mushroom! His reaction to this fortnite update was so funny!
iLegend: https://www.youtube.com/c/iLegendYT
Lox: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp41vA53WoRtC_oDjosDBQ

MrTop5 photo 1 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 2 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 3 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 4 I Trolled Him With NEW...

To the person who is reading this:

You’re amazing and beautiful, stay safe. And no need to sub. Have an amazing rest of your day! 🙂

by sanwild0 3 weeks ago

I didn’t know this was a thing

by DJ Tony J 3 weeks ago

Youtube: 187 comments
Me: can I see them?
Youtube: No

by Baby_ Tin 3 weeks ago

Imagine lox and mr top 5 in a game and no ones talking and there’s an awkward silence because mr top 5 is talking to us

by Jensen Davies 3 weeks ago

Even though mrtop 5 is a clickbaiter he does know how to do glitches AT LEAST

by dead leader675 3 weeks ago

Ssddccccsddd is the magic number line for the magic of the magic number line to get the magic number line to get the magic number 4Runner was a good uni it just made

by Cameron Campbell 3 weeks ago

U sais say hello to the gold apple me “oh hi golden apple can we be friends”

by Car_boyXGamer 3 weeks ago

he found one mushroom and copy and pasted them

by Tony Romero 3 weeks ago

wait, i already know how to get the mythic mushroom

by Parker Howell 3 weeks ago

To the person reading this if your having a bad day I know how you feel so do something you like example fortnite bye 👋

by Ali Hossin 3 weeks ago

Mr.top5:consums the mythic mushroom
Lox:Breaks everything
Mrtop5:It was a glitch
Later lox
Forgot he broke everything he cant play or record fortnite

I did not make sence :(

by Monkey Laster 3 weeks ago

Bruh in the beganing I tough the mythic mushroom wear rare to find o don’t think I am show you ho to get this many

Me just copy the the mushroom and spam them

by Save Philip 3 weeks ago

Mrtop5: sniff sniff lox: no way your finding one Mrtop5: omg I found one lox: how did you find one by sniffing your hacking it Mrtop5: by the way it's not that rare. Lox: ITS RARE

by Millie Appleyard 3 weeks ago

Mr top 5: in America's got talent

Also me top 5: I just muted my mic

by Dark 6 days ago

I like how he said MrTop5: apparently mythic mushrooms are really rare I DONT THINK SO he spwaned them in creative mode...

by Star Boy 3 weeks ago

Of your reading this then your an amazing person and best of luck to you ;)

by Wario Waliwegi 3 weeks ago

The Mythic moshroom just don't spawn for me in creative i puted down almost 20K moshroom but its not spawned

by ROLFA_HUN_NINJON 3 days ago

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