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I Trolled Him With NEW Flare Gun In Fortnite

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I Trolled Him With NEW Flare Gun In Fortnite
Today in Fortnite Season 3, I trolled my friend Lox with the new fortnite flare gun update!
Lox: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp41vA53WoRtC_oDjosDBQ

MrTop5 photo 1 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 2 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 3 I Trolled Him With NEW... MrTop5 photo 4 I Trolled Him With NEW...

Who is that 3rd person?

Maybe Jarvis getting his hands on PC again 😂

by SuperNova_Tacogames 1 week ago


Literally nobody:

MrTop5: Yo dude, it smells like poop

by 「 chl_oe 」 1 week ago

The flare gun was in front of lox how did he not see this is staged
editor: wow thx for all the likes and also i subbed to all u guys

by Da_real peely bobshadow 66 1 week ago

Mrtop5: oh, I just used an rpg

Me: does he not see that it says eliminated by a flare gun

by Michael Alestra 1 week ago

Top5: he doesn’t know that the flare gun is in the game!
Me:(gets on first and I see) new weapon deals 60 damage shoot enemies with fire 🔥!
Top 5 : he still doesn’t know about the flare gun killing him 🤫😹
Me: bruh he looked right at you 🙄

by RobProFN 1 week ago

3rd person: heals lox

Me: sees ikonik skin

Me again: * click* noice

by Scenario Gaming 1 week ago

No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even Morgz:
Captions: States so stupid

by TheGoldenMask 1 week ago

Lox Just Stands Still while saying: "What's Hurting Me!?!?"

by EyeOfTheApex 1 week ago

Lox: Doesn't know There is new weapons or items

by Fusion Xternal 1 week ago

Anyone else think lox’s lives under a rock he never knows about A single update

by Star Wars Fan 1 week ago

How does he never know what’s going on or what’s new. He clearly looks at patch notes.

by The dude Cole 1 week ago

I use lox’s keybinds except Wall is Z and L Shift

by AntSans 3 days ago

The people how can clap both of them at the same time

by FaZe RAZ3 1 week ago

The buildings on fire 19 year olds: ah nostalgia (it’s a joke pls no offense

by monkeyjoe 518 1 week ago

THERE is literally a 2 GB fortnite download with downtime
And he is saying he doesnt know about the flare gun
Also everyone on reddit, twitter, youtube is talkimg about

by LagsAlot 1 week ago

Everytime Theres a new Gun

lOx dOeSnt kNoW tHRes a NeW gUn

Plus cant he see the elim chat that it says with a flare gun

Edit2:wasnt lox apart of team crafted? If he did why Didnt he play with Ssundee and the other's?

by Its me Nikino 1 week ago

mrtop5; be like im going to play hide and seek with you (me: yes finally for once he's going to play fair and square (mrtop5: (5 minutes later) jk I'm never going to play fair and square (me: oh here we go again

by # CENTER 1 week ago

Mr top 5: shoots lox with flare gun

Lox: are you Cheerios

by Dipak Rai 3 days ago

In the universe where you have to say dude before every sentence

by Nav Playz 1 week ago

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