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I Pretended To Be BOSS Kit in Season 5! (Fortnite)

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BOSS Kit Is Back, So I Pretended To Be Him.. (Fortnite Season 5)
Today I trolled Lox with the new Boss Kit NPC!


MrTop5 photo 1 I Pretended To Be BOSS... MrTop5 photo 2 I Pretended To Be BOSS... MrTop5 photo 3 I Pretended To Be BOSS... MrTop5 photo 4 I Pretended To Be BOSS...

Hey you, Yes you! The one who's reading comments.

you dropped something
Here (๐Ÿ‘‘)

by THE LAST DARK WOLF 1 month ago

probably an animal abuser

by TitanTy10 1 month ago

Ello i am your biggest fan it was a funny prank XD

by BlackC4 GAMER 1 month ago

Happy holiday Mr. top 5Can you make a video about playing GTA

by Damarcus fatty 1 month ago

lox: look how stupid how he looks

mrtop5 who is pretending to be kit: so who have chosen death

by mtr2901 1 month ago

omg im early im a huge fan of your videos can you troll lox with Pretending that sky is back from season 2 chapter 2?

by -Izuku -Midoryia- 1 month ago

Haha this is such a funny job making make more more more

by abdisamid aden 1 month ago

Show lox is first video please I sub keep up the good work

by Wwe x Fortnite 1 month ago

Hello and good bye also hi mr beast I wanna be in one of ur videozzz

by Calamity Dawg 1 month ago

Lox says look I have lamma on my back yeeee

by tiger 47 1 month ago

Hi i have been watching you for ever

by Hunter Lewis 1 month ago

Prank neon that your xxxtentacion pls mr top 5

by Xxxtenacion. 1 month ago

Early shout out at next vid please

by EiRLA Segun 1 month ago

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