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I Glitched Into Space To Find GALACTUS - Fortnite

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I Glitched Into Space To Find GALACTUS - Fortnite
Today in Fortnite season 4 i used flying glitches to try to reach galactus's star, we did a couple methods to see if this worked, you won't want to miss it..

MrTop5 photo 1 I Glitched Into Space To... MrTop5 photo 2 I Glitched Into Space To... MrTop5 photo 3 I Glitched Into Space To... MrTop5 photo 4 I Glitched Into Space To...

Whoever is reading this:
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Your body isn't a book don't judge it
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Just wanna spread positivity

by wavy 1 month ago

This kinds of video are the best I wish he keeps doing storyline related stuff he used to do it since season 4 chapter 1 but now he keeps doing these trolling stupid vids I really want old mrtop5

by siddig _2006 1 month ago

You do realize there is a sky box right I donโ€™t see you being able to glitch out of the skybox but good luck getting through it

by CanaSlav983 2 days ago

Mrtop5:*grabs the unibeam* we we need a crash pad *couple minutes later * ok guys we're going to need the crash pad and the repulsor
Big marvel fan:*TRIGGERED*

by Qbert killer 1 month ago

Expectation: he actually gets close to the star
Reality: this entire video

by The Brick Lord 50 2 weeks ago

Why does he do this and we can't see wants going to happen

by Mary Vargas 1 month ago

Mrtop5: iron man is in battle lab. Me: :| this is gonna be easy

by Nik Rosas 1 month ago

Video name: I GLitched IN tO SpACE TO FINE GALActUs
Thumb nail: DId IT WoRK!?!??

by Giana Changa 1 week ago

who else is looking in the comnents to see if hes capping

by joshuaface 1 month ago

Thank u so much now I know that iron man's in battle lab thank u so much๐Ÿ˜ illl sub

by Sarah Land 1 month ago

Me: I wish we could get the mythics in our own private match

Fortnite: I got you

by ContentDude 1 month ago

Hey Mr. five how do you to get in first please fortnight look at my question here

by Patricia Terriquez 1 month ago

so he didnt get to him lol who belives this i know 4 year olds

by Emma Nestor 1 month ago

MrTop5---and we are about to be going in the air--MrTop5 2020

by Angela Hayes 1 month ago

I never knew mr top 5 was an season 2 of i thought he started playing in season 3

by Lava dude !!! 1 month ago

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