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First To Catch Vendetta Fish Wins $10,000 - Fortnite

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First To Catch Vendetta Flopper Wins $10,000 - Fortnite
Today in fortnite season 4 me and my friends did a challenge to see who could catch the new rare Vendetta fish, first one to catch wins $10,000
Bodil40: https://www.youtube.com/c/bodil
Lox: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp41vA53WoRtC_oDjosDBQ

MrTop5 photo 1 First To Catch Vendetta Fish... MrTop5 photo 2 First To Catch Vendetta Fish... MrTop5 photo 3 First To Catch Vendetta Fish... MrTop5 photo 4 First To Catch Vendetta Fish...

If MrTop5 does pin this. He loves his fans, Even if he doesn’t. He still does

by KIRITO 1 month ago

This I show many times in his career MrTop5 has said I muted my microphone.

by Benjamin Kramer 1 month ago

Let’s all just stop these pin beggars who’s with me

by _ V3XEX 1 month ago

Mustard Chip Sanwich with a Side of ketchup

by Carla Clark 1 month ago

If MrTop5 pins or hearts my comment he will troll “his freinds” forever

by Iron Man - Fortnite 1 month ago

lox: im blocking you forever!
the next day...
lox: mrtop5 wanna play fortnite?

by Anthony Hinton 1 month ago

Mrtop5 troll lox with the last forever emote because it’s too too and lox hates til tok

by Faze Iycg 1 month ago

I cought the vendeta flopper 4 times 3 times just for braking my friends record that how big his fish was one time for my friends to see it

by Ashkan Saleh 1 month ago


by *Kiwi Love* 1 month ago

Make I just muted my microphone merch

by Mackenzie 1 month ago

Y every day I see on mr top 5s vid I see kids telling him to pin them.

by Corina Martinez 1 month ago

Mr. top five there’s a new item of galactis and I thoght that you can Troll

by Allan Roman 1 month ago

If I had a dollar for e every time he said I am muting my microphone I would be rich

by Joey B 1 month ago

if mrtop5 hearts this it will make my day (not a beg)

by Zixed 11 1 month ago

I caught vendetta fish four time in 1 hour and 30 minutes

by CJ Gaming TV 1 month ago

So lox has this "crazy glitch" wich you can do with any explosive except for vehicle

by Octo Floser 1 month ago

Wait what it's a rare fish I caught it twice i never knew it was rare

by Replerx YT 1 month ago

If Mrtop5 pins or hearts this he loves his friends but loves trolling them

by Extreme Riley games 1 month ago

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