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The Outsiders Johnny Kills Bob

Johnny and Ponyboy are rushed by Bob and his gang when things get out of hand...

mrdomofan56 photo 1 The Outsiders Johnny Kills Bob mrdomofan56 photo 2 The Outsiders Johnny Kills Bob mrdomofan56 photo 3 The Outsiders Johnny Kills Bob mrdomofan56 photo 4 The Outsiders Johnny Kills Bob

He didn't even need that knife he knows karate

by Will Swith 4 years ago

Who else is here bc of English cl

by Jesus Perez 3 years ago

Johnny Johnny
Yes Papa
Killing soc
No Papa
Telling lies
No Papa
Is that a knife

by Lindsayainge88 2 years ago

Johnny looks 12 rather than 16 to me. Anyone agree?

by Alisha Khan 3 years ago

Pony: is drowning in the fountain
Editors: let's put some nice fitting beach music!

by Emily Neumen 1 year ago

Fun Fact: After they shot this scene, the actors were staying at a hotel that had a fountain and all of the actors roleplayed the scene for fun. It caused a huge mess at the hotel and the hotel had to remove the fountain altogether.

by AsianRong 10 months ago

I hate reading and when my teacher told me we were going to read the outsiders I thought I was going to be so bored but when we got into it I literally fell in love with this book and the movie

by abby !! 2 years ago

Where's Mr Miyagi when you need him, smh

by King Matrix 3 years ago

I was waiting for Mr. Miyagi to jump out and beat the Socs out of there.

by m i c h i 2 years ago

Johnny: “I didn’t mean to kill him!”
Johnny slits the socs throat

by Baxter Williams 1 year ago

lol Macchio played a kid named Johnny in this and then fights a guy named Johnny in the Karate Kid

by A Piece Of Shit 1 year ago

who else thinks ponyboy is cute

by Hope Gomez 3 years ago

When Johnny pulled the switch blade I was like shits about to go down

by Lynn B 3 years ago

who is not here for English or anything else? Just really likes 80s?

by tokyomaina 2 years ago

i wish they actually showed bob being stabbed by johnny

by Shadow Death 1 year ago

The moment they touched Johnny I was mad when I watched the movie I was like "YOU TOUCH THE INNOCENT CHILD AGAIN AND I'LL MURDER YOU WORSE THAN JOHNNY DID"

by Centurian Tale 1 year ago

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