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Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers vs Rams PREVIEW!

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Hey guys in today's video we are talking about the latest going on with the Tampa bay buccaneers! The Buccaneers are always busy trying to better their team and I've got you covered on all of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news and buccaneers discussion here on youtube! I hope that you guys all enjoyed and I hope to keep on talking about the bucs for many more videos! go bucs and I hope you enjoyed! Also we are talking about the buccaneers vs the panthers I hope you all enjoy!
Some of my favorite players on this tampa bay buccaneers team include, parnell motley
ryan jensen
jordan Whitehead
antoine Winfield jr.
tom brady
leonard fournette
josh rosen
mike evans
carlton davis
shaq barrett
lesean mccoy
ke'shawn vaughn
ronald jones
oj howard
chris godwin
Antonio brown
steve mclendon
tristan wirfs
devin white
James (MrBucsNation, mr bucs nation)
Buccaneers News, Predictions, and More!
#Buccaneers #Tampabaybuccaneers #Bucs mrbucsnation mr bucs nation

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MrBucsNation photo 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers... MrBucsNation photo 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers... MrBucsNation photo 3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers... MrBucsNation photo 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers...

i cant be the only one scared because this gameโ€™s on prime time... i feel like the bucs arenโ€™t the same team on prime time

by Ewan Elbooz 1 month ago

Evans and the D will have a great day

by Scumbag Jay 1 month ago

Brady played in the championship game right after getting stitches in his throwing thumb and made a comeback win to go to the superbowl, then he broke a superbowl record by throwing for over 500 yards in that game with stitches in his thumb. I think Godwin wouldn't play if he couldn't handle it

by Lo Bello 1 month ago

carlton gonna get a spectacular int. i got my luck bucs towel. we 4-0 with it lets gooo

by KhEcHaUn 1 month ago

Nerve-wracking game smh...I hate feeling like that.

by R- Tristan82 1 month ago

I see that the Bucs best way to win is making big plays from the rams guard loss.

by Joan Melnick 1 month ago

Stopping the front seven would have been tough for the Rams even with a starting LT, so we might reasonably expect a few more pressures on Goff. Pressures, lots of them, that's what defeats the best QBs, not necessarily sacks. But a sack or two wouldn't be a bad thing, would it?

by Mexican Zeppelin 1 month ago

Canโ€™t wait for the game buuut.... itโ€™s a 01:15am kick off in the UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง and itโ€™s prime time at RayJay ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ฌ please please letโ€™s have one dominant game on prime time ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ GO BUCS

by Adam Davies 1 month ago

They match up perfect with our offense plus weโ€™re on prime time. Worried for both but I think our d will ball

by Michael Caparelli 1 month ago

Arians did not" put "Godwin out there...to my knowledge Godwin wanted
to play, which was his decision, but like you , I think he needs time to heal...
they have a plethera of weaponry to utilize...

by jbceedeez 1 month ago

I honestly would rather play the Eagles in the 5th seed because there is a low chance we get the bye

by Moiz Aasim 1 month ago

Iโ€™ve never wanted the saints to lose so bad. Of course the three weeks brees is hurt they play easy teams. Praying falcons or panthers beat them

by Connor Auer 1 month ago

Run the ball. Blitz. Win the game.

by Neha Sharma 1 month ago

Key matchup will be that Rams DL versus the Bucks OL. It's no lie that Donald is a monster. Double TE sets much?

by Mexican Zeppelin 1 month ago

Going to be a really great matchup! I think for the Buccaneers they need to continue to win to pretty much get at the very least a wildcard spot and Bruce Arians knows that. It is gonna be tough without JPP and then looking on the O-Line without Ali Marpet. Both guys are difference makers but I think we can trust whoever steps up to be good enough to help. A good defensive game but I'm calling Buccaneers 26 Rams 21. FIRE THE CANNONS LET'S GO BUCS!

by Ballard SportsMedia 1 month ago

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