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Would You Rather Have A Giant Diamond or $100,000?

I cant believe i spent this much again....
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who else wants to know what Chandler did with the $800,000 Island? 😂

by Subby 6 months ago

Andre saying "I just won 5k on Mr.Beast" just gave me a real disney channel vibe.

by YourBudGoose 1 day ago

Chris was so smart to cross the line with his leg

by Harshit Patni 2 weeks ago

That proposal was so heartwarming

by Bloodmime 3 days ago

Jimmy is adorable when he’s shy 😭😭❤️

by RoseySarah :3 1 day ago

Imagine being able to win 100k$ and you just get a shiny rock instead lmfaaooo

by Dani 6 months ago

It actually hurts watching when watching people lose so much stuff

by Nerd Gaming 1 week ago

I love how the cup guy is crazy at the end of the day!😂

by Jeff Ramsaur 2 weeks ago

I felt that guys pain when the cups fell :(

by Shikha Sharma 6 days ago

Chris drop-kicked the finish line I swear- 😭😭😭

by q u i p o . 0 1 4 days ago

You have destroyed youtube by making it better.. Amazing

by thedok. 6 months ago

That had to hurt when Chris put his foot over the finished line

by Honor Ramos 5 days ago

At this point you can get a career simply by living next to MrBeast

by No Baby Money 1 week ago

The Lesson For Today
Never Judge A Book By It's Cover

by jhoannah bhern 3 days ago

Just when I think Chris can't get more competitive, he puts his leg out mid run to touch the ribbon...

by Pisty - بيستي 6 months ago

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