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I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in...
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by MrBeast 4 months ago

Who else is finally happy to see Jimmy himself doing the challenge

by RC-RIVAL GAMING 4 months ago

Honestly Maddie is the luckiest woman in the world to be dating Jimmy. He is such a great person and he loves everybody and cares about everybody.

by Planet Games 2 days ago

Yes, There IS a nerd inside that room. He is smart. Especially... He can yeet sirens, he can break TVs, and he can break the cameras and the speakers, and he can watch a goat scream without leaving.

by ElizabethGamez6411 3 days ago

Wait why did toriq get slime? He literally help jmmy.

by Barqa Mikhail 2 days ago

Viewers: Jimmys insanity being tested

Viewers: realize that you ve stayed home for months

by Unknown But Chosen 2 days ago

He has more social interaction in there in 50 hours than I've had in 2 months.

by Donder 4 months ago

Mr beast in 4010: coming out of my grave for 24 hours and seeing if people remember me

by Jerry The Mouse 3 days ago

Tyler should’ve got slimed cause he helped them torture jimmy tareq didn’t deserve too he gave Jimmy his food and even brought him a cake instead of making him listen to a iPhone alarm. Tareq should’ve been replaced for Tyler.

by Look less ugly 1 day ago

“Chris could be licking this mirror and I can’t tell”

“Oh I’m licking it all right”

Rubs his butt on the mirror

by ReapersVoid 2 days ago

I love how he destroyed almost everything they tried to throw at him.

by Chip Bag 1 week ago

He is taking social distancing to another level.

by Silas 4 months ago

The only person who didn't deserve the sliming was the Cameraman. I mean, he got Jimmy a cake and fries.

by stsddsod 1 week ago

Mr.Beast In 2060: Last To Leave The White House Gets To Be Presidant

by iiaesthetic_Bxba 4 days ago

Actually the fact that they were messing with him and interacting with him would cause his mental stability to degrade slower. If they didn’t play anything, didn’t cause any loud noises, talked to him, or mess with him he would have a harder time even though he had the camera.

by TWBillionare 3 days ago

Jimmy: stays in vault for 50 hours
Me: Stays in my house for 9 months

by Noob Channel 4 hours ago

OOf why would you ever listen to my iPhone alarm, It's pure hell

by Totej 4 months ago

Everybody gangsta till chandler almost locked up Chris.

by TypicalMacii 6 days ago

mr beast spends 50hrs in solitary confinement: Lets go!!

Psycho paths: hold my beer

by Robert Johnson 16 hours ago

Government: Stay at home to stay safe.
Us: Well it’s my 45th day beat that.

by Peg Master 2 days ago

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