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The Ultimate GTA V Stunt Race!

These custom racing maps in GTA V are the craziest you'll find.
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MrBeast Gaming photo 1 The Ultimate GTA V Stunt... MrBeast Gaming photo 2 The Ultimate GTA V Stunt... MrBeast Gaming photo 3 The Ultimate GTA V Stunt... MrBeast Gaming photo 4 The Ultimate GTA V Stunt...

Chris "I've been doing this for 10 years I'm just good at it"
Also Chris "I've been doing this for 10 mins now, when is this going to end?"

by Narkar Bros 1 month ago

Jimmy: "Oh look at that, oh look at that!"
Me: "What happened, I missed it".

by Axoloticmaniac 17 hours ago

When he put the peanut butter in those shoes,it hurt me.

by Velocity Viber 2 weeks ago

If this map does Slogoman and the jelly they would say” this is the easiest map I’ve ever played

by Justdark Darknesss 2 weeks ago

As a sneakerhead, my jaw dropped because when they said "whoever looses has to put peanut butter in their shoes and walk around" I expected they'd put the peanut butter in a cheap pair of shoes... not a $2000+ pair of Nike SB Dunk Low Grateful Dead Bears!

by daniel l 1 week ago

This is damn fun!!

by Ray Mak 4 weeks ago

My parents: the you get 10$

Mr Beast:you win 10000$

by tacitYT 4 days ago

Jimmy: "we got me, we got Chris, we got Karl, and we got Chandler."

Chandler: Gets hit on the head with a anvil

by jim bosiljevac 2 weeks ago

Chris if I don’t make it I’m gonna cry

Me. I didn’t see Chris cry... ahhh

by Ian Seth DeForest 9 hours ago

MrBeast : Giveaway millions of dollars to people
MrBeast : Doesn't have an extra controller

by RoadToPro - RTP 3 weeks ago

I can’t believe they used the SB Grateful Dead’s for the peanut butter😫

by DustinSneakers 1 month ago

I’m literally crying they did that to the Grateful Dead sb dunks when thousands of deadheads couldn’t get them 😑

by Aileen Conroy 2 weeks ago

“How am I not doing it?? I’m literally doing it!!” —Chris 2020

by AlexOchoa 2 weeks ago

Chandler: Let's Goooo I'm better than you.
Also Chandler: Had to walk around Walmart with peanut butter in his shoes.

by Epic_ Pikachu 1 week ago

Chandler if you win I'll give you 1 million dollars this is not rigged I promise

by Camica Dickens 2 hours ago

The end hurts, treating innocent dunks like that is just unacceptable

by Lorenz z z 1 month ago

Legend says, Chandler is still walking to Walmart with his peanut butter shoes

by Dad 2 weeks ago

Karl - has 3 points.

Also karl - Proceeds to show 6 fingers

by Pruthu Deshpande 5 days ago

anyone realise that jimmy says "NO" sounds the same as "NO GOD PLEASE NO" meme?

by Craig 2 weeks ago

11:00 AM Chris: "im so fast you aalredy know
11:01 AM Me:are u sure about that
11:04 AM Chandler: lets go im better than u
11:07 AM Also Chandler:alright baby u going down
11:09 AM Also Chris:Ive been doing this for like 10 Mins now when is it going to end?
11:19 AM Also Chandler:gets peanut butter and runs around wallmart

by Whacky Adventures* 1 week ago

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