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Raiding Servers With 10,000 People!

Check out the cool servers in this video! (We're not affliated with any of these servers but we got permission by everyone involved)
https://discord.gg/thespirenetwork - Dungeon server Discord
https://thespire.network/ - Website
https://www.voidrealms.net/ - Void Realms website
New Merch - shopmrbeast.com
Join our discord server for your chance to compete in future Minecraft challenges!
follow all of these or i will kick you
โ€ข Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MrBeast6000/
โ€ข Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT
โ€ข Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrbeast

MrBeast Gaming photo 1 Raiding Servers With 10,000 People! MrBeast Gaming photo 2 Raiding Servers With 10,000 People! MrBeast Gaming photo 3 Raiding Servers With 10,000 People! MrBeast Gaming photo 4 Raiding Servers With 10,000 People!

Petition for Jimmy to rent a private island and play a real-life Minecraft with his friends.

well more like tereria cuz they would have to start with axes and stuff

by shevyb 3 months ago

All 10000 people knows Mr Beast

by Ray Mak 2 months ago

Karl:"I don't like these naked men running at me."

Eren Yeager: "You get used to to it

by Ollie 3 months ago

"wow you don't even remember your wife's name"
"it's not that I don't remember it.. well, i've never heard it to be honest" lol

by asharedo 2 months ago

You guys should each get 100 people as an "army" give them each a certain skin to use that matches and then go to war

by Sonic Fx 2 months ago

I clicked faster than James Charles could say โ€œHi sistersโ€

by Sikayduh 3 months ago

Title: *10000 people*
Thumbnail *9999 people*
7-year olds: โ€cLiCkBaItโ€

by NotFe4rLess 2 weeks ago

It's sad that we cannot join his discord server because it has reached max limit

by Damn's Earrapes 3 months ago

Karl: Let's burn all these trees.

Mr. Beast: am I a joke to you?

by Aiden Muniz 2 months ago

"Not that I don't remember it, I just haven't heard it." -Carl The Ledgend 2020

by Josh Wilson 2 months ago

MrBeast: Are you a MrBeast fan if you don't help us crash minecraft servers?
Me: I- I don't have minecraft :(

by crystal RX 14 hours ago

Alt title: DDoSing minecraft servers using my fanbase.

by SpacemanNV 1 day ago

He is a legend he literally posted 40 vids and already he has 6 million subs what a Legend

by Tajwar Sultana 2 months ago

When Mr beast and the gang ask what the mountain is. Everyone that plays on a anarchy server or watch anarchy server content: LAVACASTS

by Gavin 3 weeks ago

Jimmy: "KARL!"
Karl: "YES?"

by Lynne Kennedy 1 week ago

According to optifine: this may be why the high-tier server is laggier than others
"Before answering, we'd like to first inform you of the very common misconception that more RAM = better. This is NOT true, and in fact, this can result in overall worse performance if you allocate too much RAM to the game. This is due to how Java handles something called "garbage collection", which is basically how the game deals with data it is no longer actively using. When giving Java too much RAM, this means the garbage collector will have much more data it needs to remove all at once, which results in massive lag spikes and stuttering framerates.

With that said... it depends. The amount of RAM you need to allocate will depend on how many mods you're using, your preferred render distance, and various other factors. You should only allocate enough RAM to the point where Minecraft's memory usage tops out at ~70%, and never falls below ~50%. You can view Minecraft's memory usage by pressing F3 while in-game, and looking at the top-right of the screen. You should see a line starting with "Mem:" followed by the percentage."

by NcM McD 2 months ago

The thumbnail looks like someone told him to say cheese

by Terry zikusoka 2 months ago

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