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Minecraft, But Every Minute There's Random Chaos!

We installed the chaos mod in Minecraft and have to beat the Ender Dragon. This mod is wild and you'll wanna see everything that happens!
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MrBeast Gaming photo 1 Minecraft, But Every Minute There's... MrBeast Gaming photo 2 Minecraft, But Every Minute There's... MrBeast Gaming photo 3 Minecraft, But Every Minute There's... MrBeast Gaming photo 4 Minecraft, But Every Minute There's...

Chris and Karl already got their tattoos! Me and chandler will get ours soon and we will show you all them once we do ❤️

by MrBeast Gaming 2 months ago

MrBeast make a behind the scenes channel!

by Pluto V2 2 months ago

Chandler: "watch the asteroid just bash through the ceiling"
Asteroid: I mean, if that's what you want

by jihao konji 3 weeks ago

Everyone: dying, wanting to not be there
Chris: it's not that bad

by Jasmine Rivera 2 weeks ago

jimmy karl and chris: it put me on the roof
chandler: ooh a trader

by Cerena Sun 1 month ago

“We collectively will have to eat an onion”
“Thats disgusting”

One Giant Onion: Pathetic.

by anoddpotato 1 week ago

I love how the punishment is something we do in* Egypt with breakfast

by Pisty - بيستي 2 months ago

Chandler: “Watch it just bust through the ceiling.”
Asteroid: Bashes through the ceiling.

by Moony 2 weeks ago

Chris: its not that bad everybody else: arrrrrr ewwwwww

by Zaders 1 week ago

Jimmy Karl and chandler: dyeing from onions
Chris: oh it’s not that bad

by Roblox piggy 1 week ago

"Chandler" at the start " yep yep this is fun this is fun yep I died

by Eli The Great 4 days ago

Petition for Jimmy, Karl, Chris, and Chandler to make a survival series.

(Wow, did not expect that much people to sign the petition :))

by Ismael Muñoz 2 months ago

I was triggered when they called the fortress a stronghold

by Ninja doggo 6 days ago

Netherfortress: exists
Jimmy: S t r o n g h o l d

by seehuskywolfy09 1 week ago

Chandler, Jimmy, and Karl: Dying
Chris: Eh, it's not that bad

by im dylan btw 2 weeks ago

Mrbeast: “we have to beat the ender dragon in 2 hours.” Dream: “My friends try to stop me while I beat Minecraft in 30 min.”

by Kipperjonesjr 2 weeks ago

Ngl, Karl's a pretty talented gamer overall

by Qubit 2 months ago

asteriod coming
Chris: “can asteroids come in the neather?”
chandler: “watch it just bust thru the ceiling”
chandler: turns around and asteroid hits him dead on 😂

by Lilli 1 week ago

Karl: Oh, I have hunger
Jimmy: Why don’t you just stop starving
World hunger: Understandible have a great day

by Joseph Bautista 6 days ago

Everyone: thinks it tastes horrible
Chris: its not that bad

by GL1CH L355 3 weeks ago

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