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I Made a 100 Island Building Competition!

Build an island and I'll pay for a trip to wherever you want.
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MrBeast Gaming photo 1 I Made a 100 Island... MrBeast Gaming photo 2 I Made a 100 Island... MrBeast Gaming photo 3 I Made a 100 Island... MrBeast Gaming photo 4 I Made a 100 Island...

Some of them are actually really really creative

by Ray Mak 2 weeks ago

Mr beast I love your videos this is my dad's profile I'm his son this is my first time comenting I just want say good luck you guys are amazing

by Eddie Aviation Services 2 weeks ago

Plot twist: the winner picks to go to Chandler’s island

by Galaxzy 4 days ago

Not gonna lie but the guy with the bar should have won.

by Thijs lol games 1 week ago

The guy in an island with a bar or the ship shouldve won. Building an island was the rule, not a building which is obviously built in a city, not in an island. This is so disappointing and saddening to those who follow the rules and made great efforts.

by Vanjolyana Maghanoy 1 week ago

Tip for the next building competition : Build whatever's opposite of the theme and you'll win.

by what the 1 month ago

Does anybody else get annoyed how they jokingly rate it and if they rated them seriously it would change who won? Kinda upsets me how people put work into these islands and they give it a super low score just cause of one thing they don't like about it.

by Gecko105 2 weeks ago

People working their arses off, building a nice island :
"Eh, its an island. I give it a 5!"
Person builds an out of proportion crappy tower, not following the theme :
"10! 10! 10!"

by Scott Palmer 2 days ago

I’m honestly disappointed that doofensmirtz won

by Negative Zer0 2 weeks ago

The bruh meme guy is playing the long game, he’s gonna win eventually I know it

by Chris Mehl 2 weeks ago

How the heck do I get myself on one of these videos 😂

by Jeracraft 1 month ago


by Damo 1 week ago

How to win this challenge: Copy a building off the internet, make it look nothing like an island and you’ve almost certainly won

by Sibling Stuff 22 hours ago

Sigh im actually getting mad that yall jokingly make people who didn't even follow the request for an island win. Teen Titans should've won

by Graceless 2 weeks ago

Imagine losing because you made your chairs “unstittable”

by TheGoodStuff 1 month ago

“if you win, you can go anywhere you want. i’ll pay for it”
me: i want see mars

by Sword Fastic 1 day ago

I'm seeing so many comments about how the doof island shouldn't have won lmfao

by Anthony Barriero 21 hours ago

Everyone in the discord server: makes a lot of noise.
They’re all muted...

by Boy Namel 1 week ago

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