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First To Mine Netherite Wins $10,000!

First to mine the most Netherite wins $10,000. ez.
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Subscribe and you'll have good luck finding ancient debris

by MrBeast Gaming 6 months ago

"i wish beds would stack"
"then it would be a bunk bed"
chan chan 2020

by Boomer Central 3 days ago

The bois when they find an ancient debris:


by Amazy Abby 1 week ago

Karl: hyena, dog growl, Spongebob, witch
Chris: gorilla
Chandler: dying pig

by Orion2060 2 weeks ago

Karl: finds ancient debris

by Patty Morales 1 month ago

And then they met Minecraft Hades

by Tink Cool 6 months ago

Karl saying he doesn't sound like that.
Karl makes that sound.

by REX ROBINSON 1 month ago

Chris: I wish beds would stack
Chandler: That would be a bunk bed

by Naomi 2 weeks ago

Karl: "I'm like dream but better"

Also Karl: doesn't know how bed's work

by hyper_499 1 month ago

YouTubeโ€™s getting real comfortable with these no-skip double ads

by grandma ashley 4 months ago

"I'm like dream and better at minecraft" Karl Quote of the year.

by James Dickerson 1 month ago

Karl: put the block in front of the bed ok
A few minutes later....
Karl: proceeds to put it over the bed

by Joco Arabit 1 month ago

We'll be right back

by Le Pups 3 weeks ago

โ€œMine netherite for 10K!โ€

Hermitcraft server: This is an average Tuesday.

by Shrimp 6 months ago

Karl: Iโ€™m like Dream expect Iโ€™m better at Minecraft
Me: say that his face wannabe

by Brandon Lee 14 hours ago

I felt like i got shot when chris said โ€i have reached the Yโ€ when he was at y 12๐Ÿ˜‚

by Ankka HD 1 week ago

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