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Among Us but with a STUNT DOUBLE!?

Mr. Fruit photo 1 Among Us but with a... Mr. Fruit photo 2 Among Us but with a... Mr. Fruit photo 3 Among Us but with a... Mr. Fruit photo 4 Among Us but with a...

Not gonna lie it was weird trolling WITH Rob instead of trolling against him. The twist.

by Sir Aaerios 1 month ago

God that moment when everyone was pointing at Ohm had me dead. The editing was superb and had me rolling.

by Monz.- 1 month ago

Fruit not only broke Ohm's heart after dancing with him, but he moved on so quickly to Bryce. Bryce must have looked really spicy during the medscan

by Hanie Bear 1 month ago

Anyone else just randomly found mr fruit and been watching him ever since? I mean he posts actual good content

by Hussain Luayyu 1 month ago

Alternate title: Among Us But There's An Actual Impostor

by Toner C. 1 month ago

Dork: Calls emergency
Everyone: "Why did you call it"
Dork: "I got to pee"

by Pickleking 1 month ago

Ohm going "ooooooh" when everyone was pointing at him killed me

by TheVampireking330 1 month ago

Love that they only won because of pure mindless guessing and messing around

by Mystical Tomato 1 month ago

Ohm: “rhabb vote”
Rhabb: “you”
Ohm: “wtf? Datto vote”
Datto: “you”
Ohm: “woooo” (like a heartbroken old lady)

by Eli Nederpelt 1 month ago

id love to see “honest among us” with this group, where you have to tell the truth during the meetings but you’re only allowed to answer yes or no questions, but you’re not allowed to ask very obvious questions like “are you the imposter”. had the idea yesterday, idrk how it’d play out but it’d damn sure be funny

by Jayden Bannister 1 month ago

dorkshadow calling the meeting and saying " I have to pee" was halarious, idk why but for me it was

by xXx_MlgKnight_xXx 1 month ago

Rob is physically incapable of dying. He just takes over another body.

by Zach Gage 1 month ago

No one talking about how Fruit simps for Bryce for the entire game?

by DiamondPotato 404 1 month ago

Towards the end how everyone would point their finger at Ohm will always get me.

by Hot Sauce 1 month ago

Rhab does not care if he loses his body. He just takes over Aaerios's

by Max Williams 1 month ago

When you report the body: sus

When you don’t report the body: sus

When you breathe: get him out of here

When you kill someone and blame it on someone else: trust

by Please help me get 100,000 with no video 1 month ago

Rhab: is green
Everyone: That’s kinda sus bro

by Brexton Hudson 1 month ago

aerios straight up died after rhabby died lmao

by ViceVercetti 1 month ago

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