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Among Us but we're being held HOSTAGE

Mr. Fruit photo 1 Among Us but we're being... Mr. Fruit photo 2 Among Us but we're being... Mr. Fruit photo 3 Among Us but we're being... Mr. Fruit photo 4 Among Us but we're being...

What I love about your imposter videos is that everyone is yelling and screaming at each other meanwhile you have the calmest voice ever

by Jamie Smyth 1 month ago

Blub: I found a body
Bless: I was in admin
Blub: the body was in admin
Bless: I mean security

The crewmates were truly smooth brain

by Dewa (Kris) KARIAWAN 1 month ago

"no it's me"
"It's me I'm tired"
And it wasn't him. Dork is always a wild card 😂😂

by JD Govender 1 month ago

Dork’s energy is my favourite part of this game. He doesn’t try to win, is okay with losing, will fuck over everyone just for the fun of it, is a complete wild card, hardly talks and when he does it’s good to listen, calls meetings for food— my gosh he’s the best.

Edit: To the comment below— I never said this person had no sense of humour period. I said that in the moment, and while watching, I am able to perceive the humour and joke of what Dork is doing, while this person could only find it annoying and are not able to find it funny. And so, have no sense of humour with this particular situation.

And if I did mean it the other way— it’s not that serious. There are other issues in the world that are actually worth getting offended over.

by Kang 1 month ago

Bless: I was in the Admin
Versus: that’s where fruit died
Bless: I mean the other room.
Everyone: Oh ok

I’m weak😂😂

by 75luv 4 weeks ago

"Among Us but Everyone has Short Term Memory Loss"

by DJay Phresh 1 month ago

What if you
wanted to get rid of the impostor
But Dork said:
"Get stickbugged idiots!"

by Matthew Cosman 1 month ago

(Sharkk) “Sonic is your hat a jojo reference”

(Everyone) “VOTE HIM OFF NOW!!!

by Karen Carlson 1 month ago

Bless: "I was in Admin."
Everyone: [kills Sonic]

by Silver Scorpio 1 month ago

“When bless is imposter he’s quiet”

“No I’ve been quiet this whole time”

W H A T !

by Rowan 1 month ago

Dork: at the beginning of the game “Vote Blue”

at the end of the game “It’s me I’m tired.... GET STICKBUGGED idiots!”

Truly, a mad genius that lad is🧑‍🔬

by Blaze_ The MAD Hatter 1 month ago

"Wait Fallout's dead why is no one talki- oh wait we are talking about that nevermind"

This basically summarizes how big brain they really are

by Dianaaa 1 month ago

What i dont get is when Sonics Among Us name is “IM4SONIC” they usually call him Sammy. But when his name is SammE on Among Us, they call him Sonic.

by John Cusumano 1 month ago

Take a shot every time:
-Fruit gets killed first
-Ohm goes, "wait, WHO IS AB?!?!"
-Sharkk overreacts to being accused but actually turns out to be imposter
-Dork does something chaotic

by Spethman Jones 1 month ago

Fruit: Does literally anything regardless of innocence.
Everyone Else: It's Fruit.

Also Fruit: Turns on Dork out of no where and gets him voted off.
Everyone Else: Def not Fruit.

by Shwinky 1 month ago

Dork: says its him

Dead Blue: Thats sus Vote Fruit

by Mutant Raze 1 month ago

Fruit: "I saw someone get stabbed"

Everyone else: ITS FRUIT

by Jake Bugs 1 month ago

just your daily reminder that "ab is versus" and "sammy is sonic"

by Alphamikee 1 month ago

Sharkk- *hits button*
"Sonic... is your... is your hat a JoJo reference?"
Everyone- So you have chosen death.

by // Karma \\ 1 month ago

Shark: call’s emergency meeting
Shark: is your hat a JoJo reference
Everyone: get them out I do not care
Shark: then I won’t do my tasks
Everyone: fine just go

by Jango Feet 4 hours ago

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