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Among Us but the impostors CAN'T LIE

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Among Us is the social deception game you'd get if you combine Trouble in Terrorist Town, Mafia, Mindnight and Town of Salem. It's incredible!
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Among Us but it's in REVERSE

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Mr. Fruit photo 1 Among Us but the impostors... Mr. Fruit photo 2 Among Us but the impostors... Mr. Fruit photo 3 Among Us but the impostors... Mr. Fruit photo 4 Among Us but the impostors...

Dork using Heavy's voice was a lot funnier than I think it should've been.

by Benin Malgaard 1 month ago

This is Dork’s comeback, he is a pro at not lying.

by TheGamingAngel 1 month ago

Fruit: Did you kill him Dork?
Bryce: Is it a self report Dork?
Dork: "YES" "IT'S NICE"

by Niclas 1 month ago

Dork is such a double-edged sword. He’s either a genius or a mad genius.

by Crimson Keaton 1 month ago

Me: drinking milk

Dork: hOw cOuLd tHiS haPpen

Me: snorts out milk from my nose

by speling mattars 1 month ago

Fruit: protect the president!

President: “stabs him”

Fruit: oh

by Bobcat 1573 1 month ago

"Visual tasks are turned off."
"That doesn't matter."

by Mortem 1 month ago

HOW did rhab get everyone to call security "fan cams" lol

by Christian Zook 1 month ago

First round: If Versus was on cams literally the entire game wouldn't he be able to give some more intell as a crewmate lol, was kinda obvious it was him as he contributed nothing to the conversation even though he was on cams

by Dylan 1 month ago

edit: oh god I've started a cult

Dorkshadow is a psychic, every idea I come up with he performs.

Stand over body: check

Fake tasks: check

Only vote self: check

Soundboard: check

This man is my god. I will worship him as the ultimate wild card

by TheBulletBot 1 month ago

Bryce: was it a self report dork
Dork: YES
everyone: alright vote em out
Me: haha the classics

by ꧁YOUK g꧂ 1 month ago

Fruit and Shark: Protecc
Dork: H O W C O U L D T H I S H A P P E N

by Kira Kittell 1 month ago

"Do you know where Dork found the body?"

Holy that made me crack up.

by Ryan L 1 month ago

Bryce: Every single one of you will be in the top of my description

Mr. Fruit: What a nice guy

Also Mr. Fruit: doesn't put Bryce in his description

by Yara van Boven 1 month ago

Fruit:The imposter can't lie
Dork:Now this looks like a job for me

Edit: ...nice

by Amazination 1 month ago

I thought this was a challenge video where the imposters literally weren't allowed to lie lol

by Spencer 1 month ago

You guys should do you can only talk in opposite. So like if you wanna say, “I found blue’s body” you’d say, “I killed blue” or like if you want to say, “Green vented” you’d be like, “green didn’t vent”
That would be funny af to watch

by CKT_Gaming 1 month ago

Fruit: Corporate needs you to find the different between this picture and this picture.
[Normal gameplay] [No lying]
Dork: they're the same picture

by Unconsciem 1 month ago

"Fruit, I tried to throw you a bone; I didn't do the last task on purpose." Ohm, man, what a bro.

by FAABulousRJ 1 month ago

“Impostors Can’t Lie”

Claire: My time has come

by Zach Johnson 1 month ago

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