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Among Us but my wife BIG BRAINS me

Mr. Fruit photo 1 Among Us but my wife... Mr. Fruit photo 2 Among Us but my wife... Mr. Fruit photo 3 Among Us but my wife... Mr. Fruit photo 4 Among Us but my wife...

Thank you so much for 2 MILLION! You guys are insane and I appreciate all the love and support my channel gets <3

by Mr. Fruit 1 month ago

Claire is like that one character in a movie that sits in the corner all quiet and chill but secretly plots super smart murders

by Firefly 8080 1 month ago

*wife join the game
Fruit: she's a newbie
Also fruit: *gets big brained by wife

Wife: babe! :(

by Roronoa Zoro 1 month ago

I feel like Claire is the opposite of Fruit. She got imposter twice the first time she plays. Fruit had not gotten imposter in 3 hours.

by x_Neobot _x 1 month ago

Fun fact: The original title was “among us but my wife embarrasses me”

Edit: Don’t comment about how it might affect his marriage or anything because people were THIS close to starting a full scale argument over nothing, thanks!

by The Letter 6 1 month ago

If this is really Claire's first time in this game I think she definitely watches Mr. Fruit's videos and I ,for one, think that's adorable.

by Dman 14 1 month ago

Rick: "Don't go in weapons unless you want to die."
Me: Laughs in Electrical

by TheLockville 1 month ago

Mr Fruit : *Wrote the title "but My Wife embarrased me"
Mrs Fruit : So you've chosen DEATH
Mr Fruit : Change Embarrased to Big Brain

by Sadad Erlangga 1 month ago

Fruit: And of all the people, she kills me. :(
Danielle: I know that's what made me think it was Claire.

Relationship goals right there.

by Amira Levine 1 month ago

“Fellas, is loving other people SUS??”

by Fawn Fever 1 month ago

When I first heard "Heidy-Ho everyone" I knew this channel was going places. Congrats on 2 mil Mr. Fruit!

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Claire: *tries to say something"
Everyone:*talks over her*

by TheBest AME 1 month ago

Claire’s among us name should be Mrs Fruit

by Example Smegle 1 month ago

“I think it’s Fruit!”
“I am dead inside.”

by Camille Varner 1 month ago

Imagine detectives in real world mumbling sus unintentionally

It's all because of this game

by Tim Snetkov 1 month ago

MTash: As you were walking down to the body!!!

Woah, Fruit hadn't said where the body was yet, he just said your name lmao

by Justin Lehman 1 month ago

When the oxygen was being sabotaged, I kinda was also like, “Yeah, they’ll fix it-“ But I realised that they’re noobs and don’t know how to before fruit realised.

by Soup Can 1 month ago

She says "I do" whenever she's lying

by Tappostryy- 1 month ago

The end line from Danielle “she killed you so that’s what me think it was Claire”. What’s the bet Claire had the biggest grin when killing fruit 🤣

by Raptor Kitten 1 month ago

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