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Among Us but I'm FINALLY the impostor

Mr. Fruit photo 1 Among Us but I'm FINALLY... Mr. Fruit photo 2 Among Us but I'm FINALLY... Mr. Fruit photo 3 Among Us but I'm FINALLY... Mr. Fruit photo 4 Among Us but I'm FINALLY...

Real talk thanks for supporting these videos, they've been performing much better than I thought and seeing all the support is heartwarming <3

by Mr. Fruit 2 months ago

“You just saved our lives whoever found that body”
Well yes but actually no

by •Annevail• 1 month ago

It’s surprising that the game is 2 years old and is just gaining popularity

by Phoenix Andy 1 month ago

What gives people the feeling of power.



Swiping the card correct on the first time.

by Linkz18 1 month ago

If you hadn’t reported that body when the reactor countdown was going, you’d have won! Then again, the win wouldn’t feel as good than a win where you kill everyone — so, good game!

by undercoverpickl 2 months ago

Lmao I like how Fruit extended his first game by finding that body

by Elijah Wagoner 2 months ago

why does dork:
never talk
only vote for himself
and never kill

by Cecelia Ann 1 month ago

Stopping his first chance to win by reporting just so he could win afterwards anyway is such a flex

by Obviously Anonymous 1 month ago

Everybody in the first game: cant figure out anything

Also everyone when fruit won: ThE MoSt oBvOuS ImPoStEr

by Amazing Dodo 1 month ago

I like how they discussed instead of
"it's red"

by cxhelseaッ 1 month ago

This is rob
Rob does not remember where he found the dead body
Robs team lost
Don’t be rob

by SiNestro 1 1 month ago

Mr. Fruit: breaks the reactor

Mr. Fruit: fixes the reactor that he just broke

Mr. Fruit: I have proved my innocence.

by Nolan Joseph 1 month ago

the most OBVIOUS imposter ever

You know, the one that saved u all multiple times and was never slightly suspicious

by DodgeThatAttack 1 month ago

I have no clue who any of you are, this video just got recommended to me though and I’m so glad it did, you’re really entertaining dude.

by Frog 1 month ago


Yet he wins....

by Gone Rogue 1 month ago

Fruit didn’t have to find that body he could have just walked out of the room and win. but no, he wanted to keep going he, wanted to kill.He enjoyed it

by Adam Day 1 month ago

Rob: "Have you been with him the entire time?"
Dork: "Yes. " Why are you helping the impostor?

by 00bean00 1 month ago

Too much crewmate experience so he's a genius as impostor

by iam AXXI4R 1 month ago

Fruit: Finally gets imposter.

Dream Team: Guess we’ll do our tasks now.

by Zach Johnson 2 months ago

Mr. Fruit when he's imposter: nobody will notice if there is nobody to notice

by Epoxy Rainbow 1 month ago

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