George Segal Movies - FUN WITH DICK AND JANE & BORN TO WIN (Movie vs. Film Review)

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Welcome to our LIVE video, on George Segal Movies.
Robert and Steve are both admirers of the Actor George Segal, who recently passed away and as a tribute to him we want to highlight two movies he's been in that we love.
FUN WITH DICK AND JANE is a MOVIE pick by Stephen Chambers (The MOVIE Guy) and BORN TO WIN is a FILM pick by Robert Bellissimo (The FILM Guy).
How will they hold up on the scorecards? Watch us LIVE to find out.
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MOVIE vs. FILM photo 1 George Segal Movies - FUN... MOVIE vs. FILM photo 2 George Segal Movies - FUN... MOVIE vs. FILM photo 3 George Segal Movies - FUN... MOVIE vs. FILM photo 4 George Segal Movies - FUN...

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