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THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Crime Movie

#Film & Animation
First trailer for The Silencing starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Movie Trailers Source photo 1 THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 2 THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 3 THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 4 THE SILENCING Official Trailer (2020)...

This movie just reminded me of the 2003 movie "the hunted" a little bit. It gives off those same vibes

by Mr. Speedy3401 17 hours ago

I don't know whats the hype about fans voting for Hugh Jackman to cast in The Last of Us. Pft..

by John Wong 1 days ago

I mean you messed with the wrong guy. He is a King SLAYER.

by Muhammad Hanzala 1 months ago

The use of hunting dogs would make this a 10min film.

by Henley JJ 1 months ago

Nikolaj would be a perfect Joel if they ever make a TLOU movie..

by Brahma Graphix 1 months ago

This whole movie was a screen test for Nikolaj as Joel in the Last of Us HBO Series

by SIDDHARTH KHIRWAR 1 months ago

" This film's plot is AMAZING "

The amazing plot: HERO FIENNES TIFFIN

by Deniz Yüksel 1 months ago

I've watched the movie i was quite disapointed about it.
They focus the story on few main characters and made you wonder who is the killer amongst them could be the father, the sheriff, the brother of the sheriff,the friends.. then at the last few minute of the movie it will reveal a totally new unknown character was the real killer..
And another thing why does the killer cut the throat of her victims?

by DeepByteDigger 1 days ago

Producers: “How many times can you cut the word ‘atlatl’ into the trailer?”

Trailer guy: “Yes”

by jamesdc9595 1 months ago

Don't mess up with this guy ...he and his wife can kill anyone to save their loved ones..... no matter if you have 3 DRAGONS they will fight against until they or you die

by Merklin Rex 2 days ago

Making a prediction now, his missing daughter is actually the killer

by SpartaKei 1 months ago

nikolaj is amazing. he’d be a perfect joel

by Rula Savira 1 months ago

Omg it’s Jamie Fookin Lannister and Hardin Scott in one movie?!?! This can’t get any better!!!

by GPWolfSpirit 119 1 months ago

Looks good when is it released, that actor good he was good in “shot caller”.

by Nellie Diamond 1 months ago

i’m so interested in this film!
the film: hero fiennes tiffin

by Ffî ‘ 1 months ago

HEROOOOOOOOOO!!!! i know i am a fangirl :)
just seeing it i will go see the movie
Who is not a fan of Hardin ??

by • mekuri san • 3 weeks ago

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