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THE OUTPOST Official Trailer (2020) Scott Eastwood

#Film & Animation
First trailer for The Outpost starring Scott Eastwood.

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It’s not an army movie unless someone yells RPG

by Stephen Skogs 2 months ago

This is what happen when you go someone's house without permission

by Eddy Fact's 16 hours ago

I'm reading the book actually "Red Platoon"

by BFA 94 1 month ago

It seems like an incredible story, but lets be honest folks, we shouldn't have sent them there in the first place.

by Roman Tribunella 2 weeks ago

My best friend, my brother was Josh Hardt. He called me 2 days before this fight happened and he was killed. I hope this movie does him and his brothers in arm justice.

by Steve Martinez 2 months ago

Now they make a movie on this I was literally watching the story about this

by Alien 55 1 month ago

That guy sounds SO much like his dad there.

by Joe A. 1 month ago

The only movie where in the middle of a battle I felt emotional and saw tears fall

by karim lavji 2 weeks ago

Damn, Orlando Bloom is already doing mature roles? Now I feel old.

by Jorge Quinta-Nova 1 month ago

Fun fact, this battle wasnt only fought by american soldiers there were two latvian soldiers fighting alongside them.

by dgoldgaming 1 month ago

Damn Orlando sure looks handsome with a shaved head

by Ferox 1 week ago

When I look at him I see a young Clint. he is following in his father's footsteps.

by Dinesh Singh 1 month ago

I like the song in ending
" Theres only God and pain" but couldn't find that song in YouTube

by Sickle 1 month ago

Watch Restrepo. Combat isn't this dolled up. It's desaturated and real.

by BlurPixelX 2 months ago

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by Don Draper's Greatest Memes 1 day ago

Actually a gem of a movie, seems some actual thought went into a movie in 2020

by Bipolarbear 4873 1 week ago

The story of COP Keating is shown in the Netflix documentary series “Medal of Honor” featuring first hand accounts from Clint Romesha and others that fought in the battle. Definitely worth watching.

by William Hedrick 1 month ago

Scott Eastwood is looking and sounding more and more like his dad with each movie.

by Christian Westling 1 month ago

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