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PENINSULA Official Trailer 2 (2020) Train to Busan 2 Zombie Movie

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Train to busan 2: PENINSULA official trailer 2.

Movie Trailers Source photo 1 PENINSULA Official Trailer 2 (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 2 PENINSULA Official Trailer 2 (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 3 PENINSULA Official Trailer 2 (2020)... Movie Trailers Source photo 4 PENINSULA Official Trailer 2 (2020)...

Everyone says this movie is a money grab and yet everyone is still probably going to watch it anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️

by Kaylein Ontashia 1 week ago

Okay people, stop judging an entire movie based on the trailer. To the people asking about the characters from the previous movie, this is a stand-alone and is a completely different story, set 4 years after the out break. Also guys, it's been 4 years, that's enough time for a virus to mutate. The zombies will act differently. After that long you'd think they've adapted to seeing in the dark.

by Reeyana Douglas 2 days ago

why has this turned into fast and furious with zombies

by HelzNight 3 weeks ago

The movie takes place 4 years later

Just sayin

by m. bukhori 1 week ago

SAD with wrong Caption wrong Title wrong Movie Name just spoiling my South Korean actor Gong Yoo (Seok woo) Origin Part 1 Train To Busan ...hope to see Gong Yoo in the next origin Train To Busan 2 ....or 3 !

by csp1288 1 week ago

Compared to the first one, this looks like a cartoon.

by Kriss Kringle 3 weeks ago

I do love this but the train to Busan original has a special place in my heart😉

by Gaga Lady 3 weeks ago

This is basically, World War Z and Fast And Furious.

by Nakamura-ninja 2 weeks ago

De las películas de zombies más infravaloradas, es buenísima la 1, y esta se ve que tiene muchísimo más acción, además de que los zombies son más fuertes y agresivos

by Hurt OKamandi 3 weeks ago

The first movie is good and unique, but this one looks like a copy of world war z, especially how the zombies move and form huge piles of running flesh.

by Does he look like a bitch ? 3 weeks ago

Is it just me or they actually destroyed train to busan with just one trailer?

by John Vincent Leynes 3 weeks ago

Could have called this Fast and Furious: Busan Drift and I would have believed it... Where's Han?

by Josh Harris 3 weeks ago

They should call this "Initial Z(ombie)" with all of that drifting going on!

by Komikino 3 weeks ago

They should stop calling Peninsula “Train to Busan 2” because it’s NOT a sequel. It’s part of the trilogy and a standalone movie set in the same universe with Train to Busan.

by witchxUsagi 2 weeks ago

It's action pack. But as a fan of the first train to busan, I find it not good.
Too much effects to the point that the scene looks not real like live Manga from Japan.

by Jerry Dy 3 weeks ago

2020: We forget zombies 🧟‍♂️ it's corona time 😂

by Kurd Cinema 3 weeks ago

Yo, these asian zombie movies are dope as hell!
Kingdom on netflix is another good zombie experience

by Mike Colon 1 week ago

Someone said this: The movie takes place 4 years later

Me: True

by DTrazo Ozart 5 days ago

the zombie in train to busan has weakness of dark, they are blind but this zombie arent

by Ni Cs 1 week ago

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