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NEWS OF THE WORLD Official Trailer (2020) Tom Hanks Movie

#Film & Animation
First trailer for News of the World starring Tom Hanks.

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Tom hanks "she's just a child she's not for sale"
Probably the best acting he's ever done.

by Jake 3 days ago

If it's a Tom Hanks's movie..... I don't care what people say... I'm just gonna watch it...

by Breakaway Bites 2 weeks ago

When I read news of the World all I can think about is the UK tabloid newspaper.

by The Virtorian 1 week ago

Remember most america's where from european countrys .

by Mark Arnott 1 week ago

Michael C. Rockefeller is my favorite actor.

by Fierce Patriot 3 weeks ago

Tom Hanks gets an oscar just for the trailer.

by S G 3 days ago

You can't escape Tom we know all...

by Frisky Dong 21 hours ago

The professional (1870)

by Lash 4 weeks ago

Another movie where Tom Hanks is a Captain?

by tonycns 1 week ago

To the beautiful stranger reading this.. I wish u all the very best luck in ur life 😇😇😇
Opps.. I didn expected to get this much likes... First time in my life.. Thank u all

by Corona Vibes 4 weeks ago

When Geralt find Ciri in westeros.

by Urdnot Wrex 1 day ago

Tom Hanks ? I am out !

by Calaf 1 week ago

“There's a snake in my boot.”

by T Rick 3 weeks ago

The wise eyed, feral little girl travelling alone with some guy in a wild environment is a Hollywood stock character at this point.

by Anna Dayton 1 week ago

Captain Tom welcuming you aboard the Lolita Express

by Vreeland Gardner 8 hours ago

Kids who were taken by native Americans rarely, if ever wanted to remain in “the modern world.” When returned fo their families they would run away to rejoin their tribe and if unable to run away, they often developed debilitating depression. One boy who was returned ran away several times but wasn’t able to find his tribe. He ended up living in a cave in the mountains by himself as that was preferable to living the white man’s way.
I love Tom Hanks, I just wish they would show the reality of most of these children’s lives before and after being “rescued.” They were adopted by tribe members, treated as one of the community, given tribal names, often marrying as they got holder and having babies with their Native American spouses. Being ripped from that life was devastating for those in that type of situation. Even the kids who were only gone a couple of years would desperately try to return to their Native American tribes. They may have been born white, but they were Native Americans in their hearts.

by Sarah Bridt 6 days ago

This movie comes out on Christmas! This will be a great family movie. Tom hanks's is one of the best actors ever today!

by Jarod Curry 1 week ago

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