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FATMAN Official Trailer (2020) Mel Gibson Movie

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First trailer for Fatman starring Mel gibson.

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Love how it's being played so straight for an insane concept.

by WrecklessEating 1 month ago

This is made in response to the people who say Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie

by GoliathWarfare 1 month ago

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m thoroughly hyped for it

by Unpopular Opinions 1 month ago

Mel Gibson's voice has aged like a fine wine.

by psycold 1 month ago

This is like a Family Guy skit that someone too a little too seriously.

by BlankPicketSign 1 month ago

I hope this is set in the John Wick universe.I want that crossover.

by PugNation Gaming 1 month ago

Mel Gibson is such a terrific actor. The look in his eyes while he yells "You think you're the first" sold this movie to me.

by Reynaldo Morales 1 month ago

This is what happens when people say "Die Hard isn't a Christmas movie."

by I am Thor son of Odin 2 days ago

Just when I thought Hollywood was out of ideas, Mel Gibson proved me wrong.

by Dragon Ranger84 3 weeks ago

This is what it looks like when you turn a grade school script writing assignment into a movie.

by Charles Budde 23 hours ago

So there's literally no possible way this movie will be bad

by WorldsWorstBoy 1 month ago

This could be a trainwreck, or a masterpiece. Either way I am positive it will become a cult classic.

by Jarett Jones 1 month ago

I haven't been this excited for a Christmas movie since Die Hard.

by Peter Walker 1 month ago

'You think you're the first' Right there is a whole other backstory to Santa's life. When is this coming out!

by Chris Durante 1 month ago

This feels like a movie trailer that you'd see in a movie as a critique of how ridiculous movie trailers have gotten.

by blueeyedsnake22 1 month ago

Mel didn't need to get into character, they just filmed him....

by misuyy fong 1 month ago

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