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BLOODY HELL Official Trailer (2021) Horror Movie

#Film & Animation
First trailer for Bloody Hell.

Movie Trailers Source photo 1 BLOODY HELL Official Trailer (2021)... Movie Trailers Source photo 2 BLOODY HELL Official Trailer (2021)... Movie Trailers Source photo 3 BLOODY HELL Official Trailer (2021)... Movie Trailers Source photo 4 BLOODY HELL Official Trailer (2021)...

Looks very cool, but why does the sound goes off a couple times?

by la porte 1 week ago

Looks like a young robert downey jr escaping the family from ready or not

by Joe Brewster 2 weeks ago

Dunno if it is me, but the audio keep dropping

by Karl Davis 2 weeks ago

yeah. I played Resident Evil 7 too.

by T mult 2 weeks ago

Robert Downey Jr should've chosen this instead of Dolittle.

by Supreme Commander 2 weeks ago

This is so unique wtf I can't wait to watch this

by Azlyn Fugate 2 weeks ago

Never been a fan of "oh look, there's two of them" but this looks like actually fun.

by Johnny Skinwalker 1 week ago

you know there is something very Dacre Montgomery about this guy, or is it just me???

by Deji Oyewole 2 weeks ago

Have to hope that this comes on cinemas also here in Finland. Looks so much fun ๐Ÿ˜‚ Actors didnt seems to be real finnish people (if they were real finnish people they did not have our own rallyenglish๐Ÿ˜) but the trailer gives a little Resident evil 7 vibes, so cant wait to see that movie ๐Ÿ˜…

by Mika Kettunen 3 days ago

the trailer is so weird. i'm looking forward to see whether the movie's good or not.

by Drake Graham 2 weeks ago

As soon as the song kicked in, all I could remember was leek spin...

by A T 2 weeks ago

It's really amazing trailer yr i feel the guys is look like Robert Downey Jr for one moment

by Mohit Singh 2 weeks ago

That laugh , reminded me of Mr. J

by Emilie A 1 week ago

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