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THE BATMAN Trailer (2021) Robert Pattinson Movie

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THE BATMAN Trailer (2021) Robert Pattinson Movie
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This looks like a batman who watched his parents die as many times as we did

by yours lyrics 1 month ago

He is the worst vampire ever. It’s took him more than 10 years to transform into a bat.

by Tuấn z800 1 week ago

The Batman movie 2021 *DARK*
The Batman movie 2030 *Black Sceen with just sound effects*

by Yash Srivastava 2 weeks ago

You either die a vampire or live long enough to see yourself become the Batman.

by Tuấn z800 2 weeks ago

Finally a batman where it lives up to the meme of “NOW TALK”

by Justin McFall 2 days ago

"Who the hell are you supposed to be?"

Me and Pattinson at the same time
Pattinson: I'm Vengeance.
Me: I'm Batm.. oh

by J A. R 1 week ago

Movie production company: so how much light do yo-


by PrimalX60 1 week ago

Director: “CUTTTT!!!!”
Pattinson: :D
Director: “Rob..for the 15th time...it’s: I...Am..Batman...repeat after me..I...Am...Bat..”
Pattinson: “..Vengeance!!”
Director: “fuck it. He’s vengeance guys. Next scene”

by Brad Cooper 1 week ago

I love how they stayed true to Batman not killing someone but just giving them lifelong brain damage

by FromHyrule 1 month ago

Ngl Robert Pattinson has been GOAT lately, brush off the twilight years and look at his works like on Netflix and you’ll understand why girls went crazy for him

by CADE 5 days ago

I’m not gonna judge, everyone was skeptical of Heath Ledger and we know how that turned out. Just wait until the movie comes out to judge it.

by Mr. Zest 5 days ago

"'o the hell you are s'pposed to b?"

"I'am Kurt Cobain."

by Arno Nühm 1 week ago

When Bruce Wayne bases his hair style on Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3

by Benny W 1 week ago

They must have saved at least $100 million by not using lights.

by membear 3 weeks ago

“I know what you are.”

“Say it. Out loud.”

“Say it.”


“I’m vengeance.”

by Bray Aberdeen 2 weeks ago

This is Pattinson’s way of making it up to guys who were dragged to Twilight.

by BrianCMusic 1 day ago

I remember Heath Ledger got a bunch of hate when he was cast as Joker. How soon we forget. Remember?

by David Pingitore 2 weeks ago

The Earth One influence on this is so clear. Even down to the 'I'm vengeance' line. It's about as down to earth and gritty as Batman has ever been.

by Umberto 3 days ago

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