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THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia Garner, Drama Movie

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THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia Garner, Drama Movie
ยฉ 2019 - Bleecker Street

#THE ASSISTANT Trailer #movie

Movie Coverage photo 1 THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia... Movie Coverage photo 2 THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia... Movie Coverage photo 3 THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia... Movie Coverage photo 4 THE ASSISTANT Trailer (2020) Julia...

and that's how you make a trailer. I still don't know wtf is going on.

by Scared Donut 6 months ago

I wonder how Marty Byrde is going to feel about her having a second job...

by Charlie 4 months ago


by I34anbulunRuhu 7 months ago

The person who did the trailer deserves kudos because the trailer is the best part of the movie.

by Rivers Bliss 2 months ago

There was just a flash of Kristine froseth and was like โ€œWHAT???โ€

by Liz Smith 6 months ago

This looks like everyday life at the law firm....

by Zak Farmer 8 months ago

The trailer puts just enough out there to where you're interested, but doesn't give it all away.
I'll be throwing my money at this one.

by brentice jones 6 months ago

There was nothing thrilling about this movie. Someone should be held accountable for making a deceiving trailer ๐Ÿ˜„

by brina71902 3 months ago

Wasn't expecting Darcy to have an American accent. This looks amazing, btw. Super creepy.

by Rebecca Phelps 8 months ago

Plot synopsis:
Girl works at office. Boss sleeps with many women. Girl goes to HR to report boss. HR says donโ€™t report. Girl goes back to office, turns off the lights, and stares at her muffin. The end.

by Barbara Sowa 2 months ago

"A quiet scream" is that good or bad?

by Sarah Bright 8 months ago

How is it possible that there was more dialogue in the trailer than there was in the actual movie?!?

by Randy Thompson 3 months ago

Aaaaaaaaand I still have no idea what this movie is about.

Edit: People, I'm not actually asking what the movie is about. My point is that after the trailer I still have no idea what the movie about.

by BroccoliMama101 7 months ago

How to make a movie that's even more uneventful that watching paint dry.

by Ray Staar 11 minutes ago

At no time does her boss appear in the film, but abuses are constant, excelent movie ๐Ÿ’–

by Rose Vlogs 2 days ago

Love that this trailer is not like a mini version of the movie like other trailers. The base story line is still hidden, yet it gets your attention.

by Bernelee Swart 7 months ago

I love that she's getting lead roles and becoming a star. Well deserved... she's an amazing actress.

by zimzimzalabim 7 months ago

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