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STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy Liu, Comedy Movie

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STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy Liu, Comedy Movie
ยฉ 2020 - Momentum pictures

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Movie Coverage photo 1 STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy... Movie Coverage photo 2 STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy... Movie Coverage photo 3 STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy... Movie Coverage photo 4 STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy...

A southern, probably pretty conservative, baptist choir director takes over a drag bar from her deceased gay son.
That is definitely original.

by Ruston Henry 6 days ago

I clicked cause of Lucy, I miss her so much on ELEMENTARY

by Dr MoonChild 2 weeks ago

I clicked because I saw my girl Lucy. I stayed watching because I saw drag queens. It's sad that his mother couldn't embrace his business when he was alive but in a way she saw that she could become a mother to those that need one. It's so important to have heartfelt movies even if they seem cheesy. Let us enjoy the cheese!

by Jess 2 weeks ago

Jacki Weaver in a live-action hybrid of "Priscilla" and "To Wong Foo" is not the movie I knew I needed but after seeing this I can't wait!

by cuchelo1 1 week ago

This is the drag equivalent to the white savior movie trope (green book, the blind side, hidden figures) ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Howl Bunny 2 weeks ago

๐Ÿฅบshe didnโ€™t get to reconcile with her son๐Ÿ˜ญ
Iโ€™m literally crying why you do this

by Rdr Rdr 2 weeks ago

Mam, it's not polite to stare๐Ÿ˜‘
Her:it's alright, she's my mother

by tina Simon 2 weeks ago

idk if this looks good or bad, tbh rlly hope it doesnt flop

by Ethan abramovich 2 weeks ago

โ€œIโ€™m not looking at our son through your frightened eyesโ€ shook me

by 70โ€™s Ritalin Kid 2 weeks ago

โ€œWhat do you know about running a drag bar? Iโ€™m a Southern Baptist Choir Mistress! Different Songs! Same Divas! Some of the Same Wigs Too!โ€

by Heather Metz 1 week ago

Okay im super curious about this story. Doesnt feel typical type of plot. if this movie can pull my heartstrings, it will end me

by keisha 21 2 weeks ago

Lovely to see Australia's talented Jackie Weaver taking a stand in Hollywood ๐Ÿ‘

by The Pochade 1 week ago

It's not "STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Lucy Liu, Comedy Movie". It's STAGE MOTHER Trailer (2020) Starring Jackie Weaver, Lucy Liu, Comedy Movie". Dude, Jackie Weaver is an Australian icon.

by Peter Hill 2 weeks ago

The trailer gave me a sad feeling.. knowing what the mother doing after her child is gone.. It feels like a redemption movie, her redemption..

by Dimas Herlambang 2 weeks ago

This does looks like a decent movie. I hope its enterteaning as it is in the trailer. The casting is good as well.

by The GameField 2 weeks ago

1.57 "it's alright, it's my mother." I'm in.

by F. N. 2 weeks ago

it has my secret ingredient: resentment.

by joe bob 47 2 weeks ago

Had a friend who did drag and years later his mother accepted it and actually tried to hook him up with her handsome hairdresser. The hairdresser said, Ms So&So you know Iโ€™m straight donโ€™t you? She replied, so are noodles until you stick them in water. Lol. This was South Georgia. ๐Ÿ˜Š

by Matt Poochi 2 weeks ago

It might not look funny but Jackie Weaver is a pretty good actor plus I like Lucy Liu so I'm giving this a go

by That Rad Guy 2 weeks ago

I'm crying! I have to see this movie!

by K Pounders 2 weeks ago

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