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MULAN Trailer (2020) Disney Movie

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MULAN Trailer (2020) Disney Movie
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#MULAN trailer

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“Have you no son?”

“I am blessed with two daughters”

Now that’s a good dad.

by alisha yasmina 1 year ago

Disney: There will be no Mushu or singing as we want this to be historically accurate and realistic

Also Disney: Let’s add a shape-shifting witch falcon

by Alfred Walthamstow Johnson 5 months ago

It looks really great and I love this beautiful version of "Reflection" but... Mulan without Shang??? Really? This is not the story I love so much...

by Theodora Tsoncheva 5 months ago

They cast Chinese actors, not Korean, not Japanese etc. but Chinese. Even if the movie turns out to be shit, I'm proud of Disney for casting correctly

by LiltingSun 5 months ago

Everyone in the comments talking about mulan has a sister buttttt...... WHERE IS SHANG?

by Hgfdssagh 5 months ago

while everyone is saying "i an blessed with two daughters" i'm sitting here like.... mulan has a sister?

by loonatingz 1 year ago

Fans: We want it to be realistic!

Also fans: UggHhHggghhh WhERe iS tHe LittLe DragON?!

by Abdelrahman Zannon 6 months ago

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all." - Emperor.

by Melo mixie 4 months ago

They can put in an animal morphing witch, but they can't put in Mushu and Cri-kee?! Cmon Disney!!

by Biggles 4 months ago

Disney: We want to honor china, by making it historically accurate, no singing, no dragons.
Also Disney: Lets let the Huns jump off their horses and magically run up walls, and then have a Witch falcon thingy be part of the attack, and instead of a dragon, lets do a Phoenix! That's part of China's Culture right?!

by Sitka Doveen 4 months ago

“What’s your name?”
“His name is Ling”
“I didn’t ask for his name, I asked for your name”
“Ahh chou!”


by Michael Lagua 1 year ago

"Dishonor on u, Dishonor on ur cow" For nat adding Mushu!!!

by Anime Army 4 months ago

DISNEY: We want it to be historically accurate. So heres this giant enemy crab, and you attack its weak spot for massive damage.

by Izlude Tingel 4 months ago

I'm not watching it unless it has

"Now all of China knows your here"

by Sheep BlasterYT 5 months ago

The pandemic really screwed with the scheduling of movies.

by Dilan lol 4 months ago

If she doesn’t chop her hair off w a sword I’ll be disappointed.

by Bangtrash 1 year ago


by Sierra Anderson 4 months ago

The idea of not having mushu, was to make it more realistic, then.... WHY A WITCH

by Pauli ZMK 5 months ago

I love that they added a little "reflection" as background music.

by I_need_help lol 5 months ago

I’m sad it’s not a musical, but it still looks good. Sad Shang isn’t in it. And It might just be me, but the curly hair in the fight scenes looks a bit strange. Like I think they were trying to make it look messy but did not quite achieve that. Still wanna see it. I’ll prob just wait til it’s out. Wish I could of seen it in theaters, stupid pandemic had to ruin everything.

by Josie Peaches 5 months ago

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