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LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie

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LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie
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Movie Coverage photo 1 LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne... Movie Coverage photo 2 LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne... Movie Coverage photo 3 LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne... Movie Coverage photo 4 LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne...

This trailer went from "low-budget indie about upper-middle class relationship woes" to "heist movie" very very quickly. Intriguingly quickly.

by Scotty Nisbet 2 weeks ago

Who loves Anne Hathaway?

by Pea Pea 1 week ago

At first I thought it was a redo of A Marriage Story but in a pandemic setting, and then it became Mr and Mrs Smith x Ocean’s Franchise in a pandemic setting. I’m down. 😂😆

by xinruvõ 2 weeks ago

Why is Anne Hathaway so beautiful 😭💕

by LEE PAGE 1 week ago

fully expected this to be a washed-out, overdone romance drama about finding love and connection again in the midst of the pandemic. Happy to be wrong :D

by Laura Pierson 2 weeks ago

Me all day: "Don't watch the trailer, it's just gonna piss you off and be horribly out of touch"

by ArtemisScribe 2 weeks ago

The first half of this had me worried...now I really want to see it.

by Heather Contois 2 weeks ago

Being a thief really suits Anne Hathaway..its like she was born to do this.

by Ashoikie Saunders 1 week ago

“How many asses have you got?” 🤣🤣🤣 best phrase in the movie

Edit: thank you so much for 1k likes 🖤💛

by Joseph Martínez 2 weeks ago

This looks pretty good but I can see this as the beginning of the “pandemic” genre. Lots of movies will be coming out with similar toilet paper jokes 😅...can’t wait

by Maria Z 2 weeks ago

"Good us better than bad."
-Anne Hathaway, 2021

by Shireen Qasim 2 weeks ago

It's kind of crazy how fast Hollywood moves. To think, we've only been in lockdown for ~10 months, and they're already releasing movies about it. This movie was conceived, written, cast, produced, shot, and edited in just a few months. I did not realize films could be made so quickly.

by JAdHum 1 week ago

Super sweet! 🎂

by AA VFX 2 weeks ago

Producers at the beginning: "Let's make this timely movie and by the time it's released, lockdown will be long over and everyone will be nostalgic for it!"  
Producers 6 months later: "Oh, shit..."

by Cory Fossum 1 week ago

This trailer is so chaotic I don’t even know what the movie is about

by Jorge Coronilla 2 weeks ago

"U know u think I'm so happy and normal"
"No I've never accused u of being happy and normal"💀😂😂😂

by Mabongie Mgaga 1 week ago

i work at harrods....the offered staff members to be extras...all the security guards are the actually guards as well as the workers lol....they filmed it during store close and early morning.

It was filmed when we came out the first lockdown during summer.

by julez140cam 2 weeks ago

"I'd never accuse you of being happy and normal." ~ Gotta admit, Chiwetel Ejiofor kind of sold me on this film just with that comeback.

by Scotty Nisbet 2 weeks ago

Daphne steals another diamond with the help of Amita.

by AFCompany 2 weeks ago

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