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GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Movie

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GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler Movie
ยฉ 2020 - STX Entertainment

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Movie Coverage photo 1 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler... Movie Coverage photo 2 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler... Movie Coverage photo 3 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler... Movie Coverage photo 4 GREENLAND Trailer (2020) Gerard Butler...

Just what we need a movie about the world ending during a pandemic

by Khalil Young 3 months ago

2013: Olympus has Fallen
2016: London has Fallen
2019: Angel has Fallen
2020: Earth has Fallen ๐Ÿ˜

by Mariner Chris 3 months ago

It's because of THIS that Trump wants to buy Greenland. By the way, this movie is a documentary about the future.

by TommyMiddleFinger 3 months ago

I wouldn't even be surprised if this happened in 2020 with the way things are going.

by Visori J 3 months ago

Gerard Butler has become the king of the high concept B movie.

by Lew Archer 1949 3 months ago

Me: โ€œOh, whenโ€™s this coming out?โ€

Trailer: โ€œSoonโ€

Me: ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜†

by Laga Savea 3 months ago

We see these movies as entrainment then six months pass and these movies go from entertainment to future prediction. There are a million movies on viruses causing pandemic and all of sudden 2020 is just like the movie. All im saying is pay attention people and take shelter!

by Sip The Motivational Kid 3 months ago

Not the right year for this to come out lol

by Tucker Nelson 3 months ago

At this point, if I was at ground zero, I'd stand outside with arms wide "Take me off this insane planet!"
Other than that, I'm game to see this in a theater.

by NPC 3 months ago

Funny how we're being informed of Asteroids approaching very close to earth, lol.

by mcota5 2 days ago

Coing soon in real life after covid 19

by lutz habicht 3 months ago

Coming soon to a month in 2020.

by Icarus 3 months ago

Itโ€™s like War of the Worlds, 2012, San Andreas and Armageddon had a threesome, and shat out this movie.

by Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon 3 months ago

Look like this actor has resigned himself to be in this kind of movies forever or until another thing goes down in the White House

by Mauricio Merida 3 months ago

Gerard Butlers next movie: Alien invasion. Planned Produced Directed by the Illuminati

by i4Ni C 3 months ago

I feel like this trailer is basically a metaphor for 2020. โ€œItโ€™s all fineโ€. โ€œOh s...โ€

by Carey Girling 3 months ago

The actor is so versatile he played the same guy in different movies

by asian art of living 3 months ago

Itโ€™s like weโ€™re watching our own doomsday

by Devon Parish 3 months ago

Keeps the world distracted for when this really does happen. I always wondered if covid-19 was just keeping folks at Bay for a astoridal impact...?

by Igotta Hamm's 3 months ago

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