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ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James, Sci-Fi Movie

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ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James, Sci-Fi Movie
ยฉ 2020 - Vertical Entertainment US

#trailer #Sci-Fi #movie #ARCHIVE #ARCHIVE Trailer #coverage

Movie Coverage photo 1 ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James,... Movie Coverage photo 2 ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James,... Movie Coverage photo 3 ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James,... Movie Coverage photo 4 ARCHIVE Trailer (2020) Theo James,...

First vampires, now robots, you got a interesting taste in girlfriends Theo.

by Jon Ericson 1 months ago

If Terminator and I-robot have taught me anything, it's that building a robot neverrrr goes well.

by Britney S. 1 months ago

I really don't understand why Theo James is not as big of a star as he should be. How do we live in a world where Pete Davidson is more famous than this guy?

by androssteague 1 months ago

Anyone here from the divergent theo fandom or just me? ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Maddie Evelyn 1 months ago

I see Theo, i click, simple

by Kairiii99 1 months ago

i feel theo does a better american accent than his own accent lol

by Pearlie Grace 1 months ago

Definitely worth a watch!! Wasn't expecting that plot twist.

by 14f 1 weeks ago

In the days of Siri and Cortana, the voice of an android shouldn't sound so robotic, as the technology of human-like voice is already here. That's a detail many sci-fi always miss.

by Tokumei G 1 months ago

Theo is the best actor i've ever known, all of his act was so perfect in the screen. This guy is 100% perfect.

by Jella Maria 1 weeks ago

My god heโ€™s beautiful

by jennie 1 months ago

Oh man, what a mindfuck at the end. Cool, really good movie.

by Aidas Vilkauskas 1 weeks ago

Still bummed that we didn't get a second season of Sanditon!!!

by Rheinmeister09 1 months ago

i NEED shailine and theo to make a other movie im waiting...

by Julianna Davila 1 months ago

Theo in glasses is everything ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜

by Karishma 1 months ago

I like this one. Looks like something worth watching after a long time

by Akaleti 47 1 months ago

Seems kinda creepy, but I canโ€™t wait to see it, Theo is such a good actor

by Ambzer Ambzer 1 weeks ago

Well at leas she's not on a killing spree, this looks more like Replicas and a Black Mirror episode only it might have a nice ending.....Wait Black Mirror had nice endings

by Jareth The Goblin King 1 months ago

WHen this actually becomes a reality in the future, I want to recreate all my loved ones in a robot like this.

by Blu 4 weeks ago

This bloke Theo is one under-rated actor.
He really puts his full effort into every role he plays, one can see that.

by Wajahat Ali 3 weeks ago

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