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Morgan Wallen - More Than My Hometown (Official Music Video)

MorganWallenVEVO photo 1 Morgan Wallen - More Than... MorganWallenVEVO photo 2 Morgan Wallen - More Than... MorganWallenVEVO photo 3 Morgan Wallen - More Than... MorganWallenVEVO photo 4 Morgan Wallen - More Than...

Thought we could start the week off with a "More Than My Hometown" video, let me know what you think

by Morgan Wallen 2 months ago

Who else wants a Morgan Wallan & Luke Combs collab?

by Zawli Cangmah 2 months ago

This guy can’t make a bad song

by Kole Martin 2 months ago

Morgan wallen is the reason the mullet is coming back. Don’t lie

by Pop a Perk 2 months ago

he needs a damn haircut. everything else is perfect, especially his voice

by josh brabham 1 day ago

I am fully convinced this man can’t release a bad song

by Natalie Pesavento 2 months ago

This music video just called me single in 10 different languages...

by Sarah Luna 2 months ago

But that ain’t you and me so I guess I’ll see you around..

by Aram Alaxanian 2 months ago

What really sells Morgan Wallan is his tone. He’s got vocal tone that is not just a “studio voice”. Not to be outdone.

by Pickle Back 2 months ago

This guy literally brought back the mullet single handedly.

by Jake Patrick 1 month ago

As if I didn’t love this song enough already, this video just made me love it even more

by Kenzi Palmer 2 months ago

The guy has never written a bad song... ❤️❤️❤️

by Music Forever 1 week ago

This guy needs to be nominated for The Best New Artist category this coming Grammy 2021.

by Kev'z Sab'z 4 days ago

This song makes me homesick for a place l've never been to...

by Alex Oliynyk 1 day ago

When Morgan makes you wish you had a good hometown to want to love more than your ex

by Alexander Schram 2 months ago

Morgan wallen I am your biggest fan I am 10 love all your music when we get in the car I want to listen to your music I have a speaker and when I am in the shower I listen to your music love you so much I hope you see this.

by FLIP FLIP 1 month ago

Morgan, Luke Combs, Dillon Carmichael, Cody Johnson, John Pardi, Hardy, and a handful of others are slowly bringing country music back. Got fed up with the sittin on the tailgate drinkin bullcrap.

by Mark Radzwion 1 month ago

The way he says "I love you more in a twenty-dollar sundress "

by VoiceMessage 2 weeks ago

"When a guy gets the girl at the end of a book" Isn't that line beautiful? It spoke to me

by Gabbi Webster 1 month ago

the 699 dislikes are people from crying trying to press the like button

by HomeFrontV2.0 1 month ago

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