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Its crazy to think that last year, this would easily be a main sidemen channel video

by Jakaria Khalil 2 months ago

When Ethan said : "Remember when we used to Sprint around when we scored" That hit different

by seiom jvony 1 month ago

With a forehead that big, im not surprised jj was hitting all those headers

by mvmonterrosa07 2 months ago

Just me, or do you guys also wanna see a “Vikstar training to become a professional footballer” video.

by _WildTheKiller_ 2 months ago

JJ in his new song really love: "I'm a top striker, hardly missing"

Me watching this video: are you sure about that

by Andy Liang 2 months ago

Vikk never let the lads laughing get to him and he still tried, commendable to say the least 💯

by Camden Naidoo 2 months ago

whoever added that sound effect needs some recognition. It made it al 10x funnier

by Abi Hart 1 month ago

"Top striker im hardly missing" -Striker who misses more than heskey

by Jonas Johnson 2 months ago

We've seen JJ's Boxing Journey.
We've seen Ethan's Weight Journey.

Let's get Vik on a Football Journey

by XCVMMMCCI 2 months ago

We can all agree these videos were better when they all ran and suffocated whoever scored.

by D 2 months ago

Netflix: Are you still watching?
Someone’s daughter:

by AmanThompson Ay 2 months ago

Vik has so much patience man, every video his mates laugh at him and he constantly keeps his head up. Also I know they are actually all good friends.

by GangstaS730 : 2 months ago

"when did we get so shit, we used to be alright I swear..."

by 2020 2 months ago

Yo vikk is such a good sport. Every time he knows he's gonna be kinda shite but he still goes again and doesn't stop trying.

by Mordy Glasman 2 months ago

They could have easily added the ‘black goalie’ sound effect.

by Shxdow X 2 months ago

the fact the editors make the music seem like it’s about to drop makes me dieee 😭😭😭😭

by katie barr 2 months ago

is when Harry knew he messed up and didn't realise there was a camera 🤭

by Amrita Ghosh 1 month ago

All of y’all lay off the boy Ethan. Have faith in him

by Jay Wolf 2 months ago

Guess Harry wasn’t wrong. Ethan looks like he’s definitely put some pounds on 😂

by Michał 2 months ago

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