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The REAL Reason The Flare Gun is BROKEN! - Fortnite Season 3

#fortnite gameplay #charge shotgun #how to win #fortnite battle royale #Gaming
In todays video I show you guys why the flare gun is broken! It created a UAV-like effect when you shoot it! Super powerful, especially in competitive! If you enjoyed, be sure to subscribe!
Check out dakotaz !
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Hey everyone itโ€™s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible. In todays video I get some sick flare gun gameplay with Dakotaz! I'm super excited for season 3 of chapter 2!
#fortnite #sypherpk #season3

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Sypher: โ€œI am going to shake him down.โ€

Also sypher: โ€œI accidentally started shaking him down and someone started shooting me.โ€

by Xy06F 1 week ago

Does Anyone know "slow glider lag"
Its when you glide and your glider just go 20m long instead of lot more

by Space Gamer567 1 week ago

SypherPK: always a higher level
Dakr: you have met your match

by RockSolid_RL 1 week ago

Sypher: misses the purple charge. Me: At least he will grab the blue charge. Sypher: nope

by Lza 94 1 week ago

are we just going to ignore the fact that sypher just yeeted Dakotaz into storm

by Only the Best 1 week ago

Me: Rotating to zone by walking in end game so no mats are wasted *

Sypher: Makes a brick base around him just to open a chest and leaves it *

by itsyumenKylee 1 week ago

Sypher with chillies: I am speed boiii

by Ankish Gaming 1 week ago

Wall hacks exist :

Flare gun : im bout to end this mans whole career

If this is already a comment Iโ€™m sorry I havenโ€™t looked at the others yet btw

by CHEIFS #1 1 week ago

Bringing back some OG vibes and playing with Dakotaz in todays video!
Also going to be posting a second video today at 7;30 EST! A new secret island that they added in todays update!

by More SypherPK 1 week ago

Does he actually like that skin?

by Bacon 1 week ago

I have a theory

Maybe Aquaman has an enemy and it's power is fire.

by Danger king 1 week ago

Sypher: gets more views in 3 seconds than Iโ€™ve gotten in my life

by ReddyPlayz 1 week ago

When you found out you had been using the flare gun wrong the whole time: :o

by Lilo Bennett 1 week ago

Haha I edited my comment now some people will never no how I got so many likes ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ”ฅ

by 7H Steelshot 1 week ago

Just imagine how op it would be in comp if you know where everyone is with only one shot

Epic will definetly remove flare gun from comp in future

by Help me reach 1k subs without videos 1 week ago

When you see his main channel post on an update: :)

Then when you see posts another video on more sypher pk: :))))

by Mundi Teagan 1 week ago

Sypher : literally gets more views in 1 minute then i have had in my whole life

by WAIT4IT 1 week ago

So inspirational man. Two great content creators having some fun and getting a dub. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ

by EDWIN DREWRY 1 week ago

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