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XBOX Series S Teardown | MVG

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In this episode I will teardown a Xbox Series S and take a closer look at what's inside. This was a pretty easy teardown and I show you each step of the process. Enjoy !
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Modern Vintage Gamer photo 1 XBOX Series S Teardown |... Modern Vintage Gamer photo 2 XBOX Series S Teardown |... Modern Vintage Gamer photo 3 XBOX Series S Teardown |... Modern Vintage Gamer photo 4 XBOX Series S Teardown |...

Microsoft Sends MVG a Series S early

MVG: Opens console

MVG: โ€œHack the console here. โ€

by MJR07 3 months ago

The fact that the ssd isn't soldered on the motherboard is a huge plus in my book.

by BrokeAsHellGaming 3 months ago

I like how the fan is labelled 'FAN'.

by bombjack 3 months ago

Jesus that's probably the easiest console tear down I've ever seen. It's like Microsoft's XBOX team willfully made it purposely this simple just for consumers. Wow Microsoft, props.

by James Raphial Hebert 2 months ago

The XSS is really beautiful inside. Well engineered and simple.

by Emil Johan Majani 3 months ago

90% of teardowns on you tube: Use the iFixIt spudger to remove the feet to access screws.

MVG: Use a Fender Medium guitar pick...

by JD Racing 84 3 months ago

Alright, never thought I'd say this.. I am an absolutely diehard PlayStation fan, but I gotta admit the XSS is a cool piece of kit. Well done Microsoft.

by Gareth Nicol 3 months ago

This console is a thing of beauty inside. Respect to Microsoft for engineering "right to repair" in from the very start.

by Nathan Evans 3 months ago

"As you can see the Debug header scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4. This is also a potential hacking vector, so, thumbs up for that"

by Kyle Harrison 3 months ago

"The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that warning stickers that say people will void their warranties are not only meaningless but also illegal."

Back from few years back.

by Fat Slav 2 months ago

That is a seriously cleverly designed bit of kit. Considering how everything these days seems to use clips and glue to achieve miniaturisation itโ€™s extremely refreshing to see something so compact remain simple to repair.

by MonkeyCrumpets 3 months ago

Microsoft Exec Earlier This Year : We can't delay Halo Infinite, we put Master Chief's helmet on the PSU!!!

by Archivist42 3 months ago

FYI, that "foamy material" is RF shielding, not noise reduction.

by Matt Elder 3 months ago

if you at the top left of the motherboard it looks like a bed

by Oscar Perez 2 months ago

Just waiting for someone to figure out how to install a different OS on this.

by bwhit1987 3 months ago

Microsoft: sends MVG a Series S

MVG: teardown

Microsoft: MiStaKes WeRe MaDe

by Jf Ha 3 months ago

I admire how well everything fits together. That's a sign of a well designed machine.

by jmaynard84 3 months ago

This is peak engineering. That is how you build devices.

by Nerd Rider 3 months ago

MVG: glazes over a next gen processor having XBOX ONE emblazoned across it
"Oohh! An LPT port!"

by Breighton Larsen 2 months ago

looks like another debug header top right, labelled "hot", "cold", and "pwr" ... maybe serial?

Also, i love how modular it is. Feels a bit like they want people to pull it apart

by Josh Heidenreich 3 months ago

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