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Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft Roleplay)

#minecraft five nights at freddy's sister location roleplay #sister location fnaf #rp #fnaf power outage #Gaming
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Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft Roleplay)
In today's video the power is out at sister location and funtime foxy must find out why.
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WARNING: This Series is not meant to follow what happens in the games. This is fan made With Fan Theorys and Ideas..
This FNAF Sister Location Minecraft Roleplay based around the Five Night's at Freddy's Game - Sister Location, The series revolves around the Animatronics and what they do when no ones around.
This series is based off our speculation,fan theorys or ideas of FNAF Sister Location(and other fnaf related topics). There will be developments in this game's story that do not directly follow the finished game..
All music comes from Incompetech
Submit your fan art here: fnafrpminecraft.com.
Business Email: businessxrpmx13.net
#fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #minecraft

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Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy's photo 1 Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft... Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy's photo 2 Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft... Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy's photo 3 Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft... Minecraft Five Nights At Freddy's photo 4 Minecraft Fnaf: Power Outage (Minecraft...

puppet in a dark corner be like: heh hyeh he didn't see me
actual puppet in the dark: i'm cold

by Anna Pitts 1 year ago

And can you be baby's for the next stream

by Carlos Hichez 1 year ago

Foxy: oh no there’s a hole in front of front of u
Blind womon: AhHhHhHh
Me: I would of kept walking

by ŁįMę Łãÿ Føx 1 year ago

The sea lanterns and glowstone are making things brigit

by Angelo morgos 1 year ago

Hi late notification again sorry big fan you guys are the best and I love you guys great job keep up the good work I love all of you HALATIOUs

by Galaxy Funtime Foxy 1 year ago

You know when Foxy called someone in the well I thought he said My friends name Sumora^_^

by Funtime Mawile 1 year ago

Freddy: "So I'm stuck in here?"
Foxy: Yeah.. (Or something like that)
Freddy: OH NOOO-
Ad turns on

by Im bored 1 year ago

Baby: do wanna go cause mayhem and trouble
Lolbit: Yeahh
Me and My best friend in a nutshell XD

by Fnafhs freak 1 year ago

Im scared of the ring movie so i actually jumped when I saw her in the corner.

by Orion's Antics 1 year ago

you said baby is missing a blue Mohawk because of your other channel and your hair that you have in real life😂👌🏼

by ur mom 1 year ago

I love how when one of you are in danger like falling down a well and screaming for help because someone is kidnapping your friend you just don’t care.

by Beth Tolway 1 year ago

It's funny how this was recommended to me while our power is out IRL too

by Carnation Creations 8 months ago

I had to put my brightness all the way up to watch this xD

by Expired Oreo 1 year ago

BEEP BEEP BEEP”power down”beep beep beep”lights turn off”

by Fnaf Kingdom 1 year ago

I watched this just before the beginning for season 2. Lets make hope for season 3!

by Vinny Perry 1 month ago

Foxy : you know what that's missing? A blue Mohawk

Me: foxy NO!

by Phoenix Jaxion 1 year ago

when foxy said "i feel like your missing a Mohawk", he was referencing his channel

by Ashton H Vargas 9 months ago

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