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9 Actors Who Hate Their Superhero Costumes

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Playing a superhero is great! Movies based on comic books have long since ceased to be entertainment for geeks only. Today, almost all famous actors have starred in superhero movies. But what seems unbelievably cool on the screen is actually a torture during filming. The suits. The unusual super-suits can become a real nightmare for actors. Fit tights, lots of make-up, numerous pads and attachments... Ugh. We are gonna talk about all that today.

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#Mind Warehouse photo 1 9 Actors Who Hate Their... #Mind Warehouse photo 2 9 Actors Who Hate Their... #Mind Warehouse photo 3 9 Actors Who Hate Their... #Mind Warehouse photo 4 9 Actors Who Hate Their...

a moment to appreciate costume designers last thought is a frikkin zip

by Loki Darkfire 4 months ago

R.I.P black panther he die of cancer

by iijakebreton 3 months ago

Title: " 9 Actors Who Hated Their SUPERHERO Costume's"

Me: sees godzilla

by A Potato 1 year ago

Anyone Gonna Talk About How They Spelled Great as “Gerat”???

by Parasite Nine 1 year ago

Imagine wearing those tights ang you suddenly Remember you drank a lot of water...Goodluck wearing them off

by lyn pattung 1 year ago

I like Mind Warehouse but if I watch a video when I'm really tired his voice will make me fall asleep. Does that happen to anyone else?

by Fireknight007 1 year ago

Note, add a fly to everything....

by C Wheeler 5 months ago

Shit, now it all makes sense from that scene in deadpool. I didn’t want to be the only kid that doesn’t know what that line means

by Cambise Nyondo 1 year ago

I tried my best to add the first comment


by *GodOfGaming* 1 year ago

THEM: “imagine getting up really early”

by Matthias Petelo 1 year ago

me watching black panther for the first time
me:is the thing that giving black panther power purple cat nip fruit

by Oke kaeyo 7 months ago

Did anyone notice in the intro he spelled great wrong lol 😂

by Michelle Jae 4 months ago

9 superhero’s who didint like their costume
Me: *Godzilla and c3po*

by Mr owl L. 7 months ago

The 3 answers of this video...
1) It's too tight
2) It's not flexible (for ex. Batman's)
3) Too much makeup

by FBI 4 months ago

“acting as a hero is gerat!”


by Rotary Boi 8 months ago


by Briayne Vectoz 3 months ago

Godzilla Actor Twist: My Feet hurt crushing those buildings and stuff :<

by Jennifer Kapolchok 3 months ago

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