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Together We Rise Miami Heat 2012-2013 Documentary

miaminole2010 photo 1 Together We Rise Miami Heat... miaminole2010 photo 2 Together We Rise Miami Heat... miaminole2010 photo 3 Together We Rise Miami Heat... miaminole2010 photo 4 Together We Rise Miami Heat...

"James catches, puts up a three, won't go! Rebound bosh! Back out to Allen, his 3 pointer, BANNNNGGGG! Tie game with 5 seconds remaining!"

by icee 4 years ago

The real heat fans have been officially separated from the bandwagon fans.

by Loganski 5 years ago

All the fans from china are all probably golden state fans now 😂😂😂

by Chicago Fanboy 3 years ago

Bird man is so underated

by Sir Carti 5 years ago

take those yellow ropes back inside!!!

by Yoonjae Baek 5 years ago

This Miami team would destroy the Warriors bruh

by mango slug 4 years ago

4 straight finals and 2 rings. That's special no matter how you look at

by Justin Armstrong 6 years ago

Was actually a fun run. RIP 2010-2014 Miami Heat

by Damian Lillard 5 years ago

People forget how frickin good of a defensive team this was

by 0neChubbyBunny 4 years ago

Together We Choke: Golden State Warriors 2016 Documentary

by Eth D 3 years ago

I really wish they won the 3peat, and if they didn't, to just stick together as a brotherhood

by RinneGod 5 years ago

miami haters logic:
Miami's entire fan base formed in 2010 but some how in 2007-08 they went 15-67 but ranked 8th in attendance. Hmmmm

by Charles WoodsonGOAT 6 years ago

Who else woke up to this during the night?

by JayKage 1 month ago

its so sad when you look at miami heat right now. lebron gone, wade gone and bosh went through a terrible illness. how i miss these days

by Artur TMT 3 years ago

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