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Christmas Tree Problem at Rockefeller Center?

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The Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree was delivered last week from upstate New York. The New York Post reported that the tree was droopy and subpar, sort of what you would expect from the year 2020. At the moment, the tree is within scaffolding, and thousands of LED lights and ornaments are being installed. Hopefully, we will all be happily surprised when the tree is lit for the first time this December 2nd..
00:00 Reports of disappointment about NYC's new Xmas tree
00:15 The tree's current situation
01:00 It's worth your time to visit if you are in NYC!
01:19 Taking a look at the Rockefeller Center area
02:53 A nice story about the Xmas tree owl
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Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. photo 1 Christmas Tree Problem at Rockefeller... Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. photo 2 Christmas Tree Problem at Rockefeller... Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. photo 3 Christmas Tree Problem at Rockefeller... Metro Manhattan Office Space, Inc. photo 4 Christmas Tree Problem at Rockefeller...

I never thought about the amount of work that could go into a Christmas tree. Thank you for this interesting thought piece!

by Bubbly 2 months ago

What alot of people who have never had a "real tree" or live tree of their own do not understand, is that it can take days for a pack & shipped tree to regain any shape. On top of that, many publicly displayed Christmas trees are decorated with additional branches attached to existing branches to fill them out. This has been the norm for 100s of years.

by m rien 2 months ago

Great video! We don’t mind when a video is slightly off topic!

by Brandon Davis 2 months ago

OMG you added translations for normal people! :P

by bigo93 2 months ago

This is a really put together video! I've never been to NYC even though I have no excuse since it is 6 hours away. Thanks for the insight and behind the scenes of them putting the tree together!

by Bogdan 2 months ago

Quality content! Really great to see the progress you’ve made on the channel, extremely professional. I joined from following the property hunting adventure with Louis Rossmann

by A Airuad 2 months ago

From phone recording to this... phenomenal production quality!!!

by lucaraimew 2 months ago

I wonder if the workers asked the owl "Howl you?"

by Locutus 2 months ago

Thanks Allen! We all need something to smile about in 2020!
And they didn't charge the Owl back rent! Bonus!!!!!
Happy Holidays everyone! WHAT a year.....

by Runco990 2 months ago

When a tree is cut and transported, all the weight that is usually pushing down on the branches changes, and the branches move upward (like an airplane wing when it starts to fly). Add to this that it is tightly wrapped during transport, which makes the branches retreat even more. Finally, the tree is transported on its side, and the tree's weight is further compressing the branches on the underside. Probably why in the early photos half the tree looks "ok" and the other part doesn't. Just takes a little longer to for the branches to fall back to place once it is upright.

by bonemaster J 2 months ago

seeing/hearing rockefeller center and the skate ring makes me think of the 90s and partially 2000s. it was so prominent in motion picture. the most prominent prob kevin home alone and various romcoms.

by leo saunders 2 months ago

They should of named the owl Kevin McCallister

by 90loneeagle 2 months ago

I highly doubt they'll bring the owl back to the territory it had before I got trapped when they took the tree down.

by furzkram 2 months ago

Thank you for an interesting and informative video. 👍🏻 from me. 🇬🇧

by Steven G 2 months ago

I had thought the “terrible tree” was a ploy to get people not to go to Rockefeller Center due to COVID and social distancing to make it less of an incentive to see the tree.

by Pedro A. 2 months ago

It's 2020..
That trees totally going to have an incedent.
I'm going with ball lightning burns it to the ground..

by Dave Webster 2 months ago

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